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[01 Apr 2021|07:59am]

PREMISE Typical "experiment gone wrong, sucking in people from different worlds" panfandom scenario. If it ain't broke...

WHAT Panfandom game that allows limited original and panfandom characters with previous game history. Play someone new or bring back your old favorites.

WHY Two plots each month where the characters travel to a new world. Each plot lasts just a week ICly, so it's a nice chill pace for plotting and RP.

NOW? Now is a great time to join. The game is still relatively new at only a few months old. There are plenty of great characters still available.

PLOT? Starting April 1st, you're on Endor. Enjoy being Ewok lunch. It's about to be the worst camping trip of your life.


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[01 Apr 2021|08:05pm]
Lydia and Malia, you are wanted over at [info]crownplaza.
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