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[20 Mar 2021|11:58pm]

Possibly you stepped through a door that didn’t lead where it should have or the ground unexpectedly fell out from under you, or perhaps you were asleep and it’s the sudden rushing of air that wakes you. Wherever you were, you’re here now. We hope the landing wasn’t too rough.

When in Eden is a panfandom game set on a leisure planet turned junk world. Characters arrive via rifts in the sky, as does most everything else. Not to worry! Almost everyone survives the landing, and they haven’t seen a broken bone in ages. Don’t mind the occasional tremor. It’s probably just another building dropping.

The locals kindly invite you into their village. It’s for the best, they assure you. But try to make your way in the Collection Zone, if you like. It’s a wild world out there. Just know you’re taking your chances. No one wants their story to end with the words, “And then a toaster fell out of the sky.”

(Game will open March 28 or at 6 apps!)
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