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[10 Dec 2018|04:02pm]
join the rise or fall of the city of atlantis
From the very depths of the sea, far below what we have seen, was a city glittering with gold and shells. Covered in coral and other ocean life.

It stayed there after its fall for 10,000 years, only to have a meteor drop down into the city, knocking over the statue that the Gods had placed there to prevent the city from taking over the world.

The city is Atlantis, a vast culture with riches beyond the wildest dreams: but no one has seen it. No one has set foot upon the land until now.

You have been summoned, by a magic no one understands. Pulled from your home and placed into the centre hall and met with a group of guards with dark skin and pure white hair.

They put a hand to you and pull out a ball of light before putting it into a vault. They have taken something for you. They want to control you... but there is always a way to break through.

You remember everything, your life beyond this world, but you can't do what you used to. Your powers? You know you should be able to, but they are lost to you. Your skills? You know you have them but they've made it so your body doesn't remember how.

And why would they be taken? Who would want them taken?

How does one take what has been taken from you?

Time will tell, as the rise of the great city of Atlantis slowly spreads to take control of the very world you live in.

Are you up to the challenge?

Atlantis Rising is a panfandom rpg set in our universe, starting from January 1st, 2019.
Your character is ripped of their talents and can only earn them back by working. Superheroes will be humbled, normal people will learn to thrive.
Come on and join the rise or fall of the city of Atlantis.
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