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The Hellmouth [25 Sep 2018|09:13pm]
2001, Sunnydale, California. That was when everything changed. A battle with the hell goddess Glorificus led to the near destruction of the very fabric of the universe. The only thing keeping the walls between dimensions from tearing permanently was a sacrifice. Buffy Summers had every intention to make it herself, but before she could do so, her younger sister Dawn took the initiative and threw herself into the portal created by her own blood. Dawn Summers vanished into the portal and the damage ceased.

Or so it seemed.

Less than a week later, rifts and portals began to open randomly in Sunnydale, leaving behind items, people, and creatures. Unfortunately, these rifts also began taking as much as they left behind. It wasn't long before Buffy was the only one of her former "Scooby Gang" left standing. All she could do now was guard the Hellmouth and hope the rifts and portals stayed localized to Sunnydale.

Welcome to Sunnydale, where you may get a new lease on life... As long as you can avoid the vampires, demons, and whatever the rifts leave behind.
Hellmouth is a panfandom game, where characters find themselves thrust into the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, circa 2001.

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