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[10 Sep 2018|03:35am]
We would love to see Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Derek Hale, Cora Hale, Malia Tate, Melissa McCall, and other Teen Wolf characters over at [info]valar!
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[10 Sep 2018|01:39pm]
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Because revolutions are always fun~
A black view appears before you, Earth rising over some invisible horizon as music begins to... oh, sorry, that's not the space you're looking for - its definitely not the future you've landed in. The year is 2370 and its nearly the end of April. Spring time in a futuristic New York City that is far from utopian.

There's no Federation or Utopia here, capitalism and the push back against it continued after the 21st century and resulted in the reality you see before you. Earth remains supreme, but corporations and splinter societies have gone their separate ways to settle and colonize the Milky Way - some for better, some for worse.

Alec Sadler was the first to find the other arrivals (Alec's own arrival, well, it has an air of mystery around it as he's not native either and that's no secret), encased in something he could only compare to amber the first to be released was Aragorn - a king far from his mountain side country. From there, the exploration began. Its been over 14 years since that day (15 since he founded the beginnings of SADTECH and Sadler is aging out, the board of SadTech slowly becoming more and more self aware as they near the precipice that is finally beginning to open up the pods in large groups...

They only thing they have to hope for is that, under the guidance of Aragorn and Delenn - another early arrival - that those that get reawoken... well, hopefully they intend to play nice and not destroy their Sadler Complex apartment too quickly or start any untimely wars.

REVOLT is a pan-fandom game where original in-verse characters are allowed. Taking place in 2370 the game primarily revolves around the lives of 'amber refugees' and will focus on mod and player driven plot. This is an action game.
Because you know you wanna~
Because sometimes you gotta~
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