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[26 Apr 2018|08:03pm]

Yuma Valley, a sprawling city nestled near the Rocky Mountains. Everything you could want is here - from big businesses to small mom and pop shops, from farms to city life. It's everything just about anyone could want. Except it comes with it's own price tag. And we don't mean money. No one here will tell you, locals (your npcs) have no idea. But you? You were drawn here for a reason.

You? Are special. You are not who you think you are. You might not have a clue why you're here, but you are. Welcome, settle in, get comfy then start having things show up and visions coming with. You'll find yourself dreaming of all kinds of things - but are they true? are they real?

That? Is up to you.

What Dreams May Come is a game where characters don't know who their Canon selves really are. They think they're a regular joe or jane, enjoying a boring, mundane or exciting regular life. Until Yuma Valley gets it's talons in them. Then it's up to you - will they become their Canon selves or rebel against it?

Come, let's torment your muses.
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