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Sixth Iteration [11 Apr 2018|09:34pm]
  • Multiple events every month
  • Fandom, AU, CRAU & OCs OK
  • Slow-to-medium paced
  • Easy AC
  • Buy back powers/magic

Sixth Iteration is driven by two sides of the same coin: The unwitting characters thrust into a survival scenario, and the Observers who placed them there. As a player, you portray both.

Using a vivid, lifelike simulation, the Observers have been preparing their subjects for their eventual life on a new planet. They test their physical, mental and emotional fortitude, stoke their curiosity and test their patience. How far can they be pushed before they break? What is the secret formula to balance productivity and morale?

Meanwhile, the characters are simply trying to find their way through — To survive, to thrive, to find any answers to why they're there or how to get home. Some days it's easier than others. And now, the simulation has ended and the stakes are much higher.

6I is a plot-guided game with survival elements and ample opportunity for personal storylines and CR. The meta plot steers the ship, but there’s plenty of room for smaller adventures and "slice of life" moments. We're NOT a horror game, although horror elements may occasionally be used on an opt-in basis. As Observers, players may purchase plot elements and "gifts" to further test or inspire their characters in a wide variety of ways — How difficult and mind-bending their experience becomes is up to you. We're a slower-paced game open since summer 2016, and our group is enthusiastic and very friendly.
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