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[31 Mar 2018|11:18pm]
One day, as you're going along your normal routine, you receive a message. It informs you that a lost loved one isn't really lost at all. The letter invites you to a place called Dusk Hollow which you quickly locate high up on the Northern Pacific west coast. You decide to accept the invitation and quickly arrange your preferred form of travel there. You begin exploring a seemingly normal town, not realizing that once inside, you can't find a way back out. This is the least of your worries considering reality is about to shift and leave you in the Underworld.

Perhaps you were somewhere else entirely and you wake up to find you're not where you were when you went to bed last night. Instead, you're in a town that sits right above the portal to the Underworld and you have no idea where you are or how you got there. You may try driving away but no matter how far you go, you'll find no one else on Earth. Hades has you where he wants you and he doesn't necessarily want anyone else.

Broken Kingdom is a new multi-fandom game of 130+ characters already, inspired by the concepts of Silent Hill and the Underworld of the Once Upon a Time verse. Hades, in his attempts to rebuild up his numbers in his Broken Kingdom, has created an earthly town where he draws in souls. As the town becomes more and more full, he attempts to pierce the veil between it and his realm. These shifts so far are only temporary and the only real clue the residents have that reality has shifted is that the town appears to permanently be at dusk and many of the buildings become more like ruins – until the trapped souls of the ones they know who have passed appear and walk among them. Once the veil regenerates, the town becomes normal again until the next shift.

If you have characters from a now defunct game that you want to pick up with, you're more than welcome to bring whatever canon or AU background you want. Other characters may be confused but such is par for the course of a multiverse.

We welcome canon characters as well as original characters, both fandom and non-fandom related.


Broken Kingdom

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