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[06 Mar 2018|05:01pm]
New Orleans has always been known for its magic and mystery, but nevermore so than today. One moment you were living your life, happily (or not) and without thought of what might be waiting for you around the next bend. Whatever you might have predicted could never have prepared you for this!

A portal has opened in your world and transported you to The Big Easy.

You awake in an unfamiliar room and beside the bed are a laptop and phone that allow you access to a network of other refugees. You'll soon learn that the house you arrived in is to be your new home - or at least, temporary accommodation until you can find a way back to your world.

Further exploration is most definitely required because nothing here is what it seems. People you may know may have lived lives that bear no relation to that which you remember; places that should be familiar are wholly unlike the world you have just left - if your home even exists in this reality.

Until you figure out why you're here you will just have to cope. Make new friends. Form new bonds. Explore the lure of New Orleans, perhaps even start over and begin life afresh. How you deal with your fate is up to you, but The Crescent City won't let you rest easily, that much is clear.


NOLAPortal is a multi-fandom game taking place in an alternate version of New Orleans. Original Characters are welcomed.
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