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[12 Feb 2018|12:59pm]

Deep inside the basement of the Museum of Natural History there is a secret, a disregarded and long-forgotten artifact, hidden away decades ago. Some call it the veil, others would say a tesseract, but all agree that it is a portal. Defying the laws of physics, this artifact can visit other dimensions, hop across universes, even speak to the dead and, some say, bring them back to life. It is an object to be feared and an object to be protected. After nearly a century of lying dormant, the portal sparks to life.

Now, fictional characters from all manner of universes are pouring into New York City. And they aren’t the only ones - from all across the globe, others are drawn to the Big Apple by something equally as inexplicable. While these individuals have only ever known this world and this universe, they are also elements of fiction in other times and places. And yet they leave homes and families, jobs and friends to come to New York and make a new home.

[info]thefiveboroughs is a panfandom game set against the backdrop of a modern-day New York City and focused on bringing multiple fandoms together to interact via monthly game-wide plot points. The game combines established “native” characters with refugee “fictional” characters for a multi-layered RPG experience. For more information, visit the FAQ page.

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