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[01 Feb 2018|04:39am]
Hello! I'm looking for a John Watson for this Sherlock at [info]reconsider. He can be from any point in canon you'd like and I would love some intense feelings between them. However, I want to clarify this by saying that I'm not looking for domestic bliss for Sherlock. He's going to fall off the wagon and hard and he's infatuated with someone dangerous for him. I want a line that's either unrequited love on Sherlock's part (because John isn't gay, as it turns out) or I want a line in which John has romantic feelings for Sherlock but won't admit to them. Largely because he really, really doesn't want to admit that he's attracted to Sherlock/another man and romantically invested. And Sherlock won't admit to his feelings either because he doesn't want to believe he's capable of love or vulnerable.

Things could be physical between them but I'd love it if their feelings kind of remained this unspoken fact for both of them, leaving them both convinced that the feeling is one-sided.

Would also love a Mycroft to spy on him and/or foil all his terrible plans.

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