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[23 Jul 2014|08:30pm]
the marooning •• a panfandom rpg

You wake up disoriented, head pounding, body aching. It takes you a moment to come around, to take control and finally take in your surroundings. That's when you realize... you don't know how you got here. You don't even know where here is. And you're not alone. There are others - all of them just as disoriented and just as lost as you. Before long, it comes to your attention: you're on a space ship. In outer space. And there's no one onboard but you and the others who have just awoken.

So what do you do when you've been ripped out of your own life and left aboard a dying space ship? What do you do when you've been marooned?
Game opens August 1st.

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[23 Jul 2014|08:57pm]

Some scientific experiments go horribly wrong and when they do they have the potential to be world ending. Literally.

In 2240 an advanced society on earth is desperate to locate a suitable planet to expand to as the Milky Way exhibits mysterious activity and earth crumbles beneath the demands of its ever increasing population. In an age where time travel, immortality, genetic modification and cloning aren't new the hope rests on a Warp-Drive that will theoretically enable scientists to reach a new planet in time.

But serious miscalculations send scientists traveling along the wrong dimension. The accident, known simply as 'the Event,' opened a portal to other timelines sparking the influx of beings from other dimensions into their own world.

What do you do when the science fucks up?


[info]expatriatemod is a panfandom RPG with no fandom preference, limited original characters, and the opportunity to play villains in a multi-fandom setting. We explore the science behind parallel dimensions, inter-character relationships, and the morality of scientists and many other themes.

Join us and apply today! Game set to open AUGUST 7

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