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[28 Jun 2014|12:06am]

His name was Matthias Jefferson and he was known to London as a crazy old bat. He claimed to know of a way to collect "treasures" from other times and other worlds, and doing so with magic. Everyone thought he was a loon and then one day he went missing from the modern world. Believing him to be dead, the world thought no more of Matthias Jefferson, and failed to realize that he had transported himself into a world of the unknown.

With the use of magic, Matthias relocated to a world away from all others, and it was there he began his collection. The madness he claimed to know was no lie and he began to uncover what he called "buried treasure". With a magic secret to all others, he began bringing together people from all walks of life. People were ripped away from their worlds and brought into Matthias Jefferson's hideaway, never again to see their homes.

Each treasure was kept as a prisoner in a large mansion. They were allowed to roam the property, but a powerful spell kept them from going any further. Even if they somehow got around the magic, the property was protected by his private security. However, with the help of a guard turned traitor, some of his treasures were able to escape the mansion. These escapees were determined to find a way back home, but they first wanted to rescue those who remained prisoner. This is where our story begins. Where will your journey take you? Join us and write your own story.
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[28 Jun 2014|12:19am]
Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes, Jeremy Gilbert and Matt Donovan are all wanted at [info]portlandproject
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