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[27 May 2014|08:01pm]

Just 120 miles south of Los Angeles and adjacent to the Mexican border lies the town of San Diego, California. It doesn’t get a lot of notice even though it’s the eighth largest city in the United States and the fastest growing city in California. No, it’s usually eclipsed by its neighbor to the north, The City of Angels as it’s called. Truth be told there is a lot going on in San Diego right now.

A lot more than anyone knows.

You see something strange has been going on. Nobody knows what it is or how it started but the fabric of time and space has been ripped open and San Diego is now a world all its own. Except for one small thing. It’s not entirely alone.

Tijuana came along for the ride.

Tijuana, the largest Mexican city on the Baja Peninsula and the sister city to San Diego. It’s a busy place and a popular destination for American citizens looking for a good time. You can find anything you want there and a few things that you might want but probably don’t need. It’s never dull in Tijuana that’s for sure.

So what happens when people start appearing in front of an apartment building in San Diego with nothing aside from the clothes on their backs and are met by a small group of citizens who hand then a set of keys, a pre-loaded debit card with $5000 on it, a smart phone, tablet, laptop and a small handbook detailing a little about the city with some suggestions about where they can find jobs? Oh yes and by the way, you can’t leave. Sorry. You’re free to travel to Tijuana all you want, you can work there if you choose but for now you’re living in this building with a lot of people that you may or may not know.

So welcome to the border...but don’t make a run for it. You won’t get far. And with what's lurking out there, do you really want to try?

[info]bordermods is a pan-fandom game set in the cities of San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico. The emphasis is on good old-fashioned social interaction, writing, and having a good time.
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