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[24 Apr 2014|10:40am]


The premise of the game is simple enough: your character is not the gender that they appear as in the comics. No, they didn't suddenly wake up in the wrong body, they were born this way, and live this way. Their very origins have changed--who are they? What does Cyclops' stoicism (okay, grumpiness) look like on a woman? How does Wolverine's animalism manifest? Did Clark Kent live a different life when he came to earth as a baby girl instead?

It's 2014, earth. Human rights are on the rise at the demands of the citizens, but it is far from a time of peace and equality. The economy isn't doing great and many areas are experiencing political tension, if not worse. Crime is at an all time high, and for years, heroes have donned their costumes in order to try to give back, whatever their personal motives. Their actions make headlines, international news, and inspire children to dream of doing good, other powered (or not) individuals to take up the job. Unfortunately, it's also inspiring a few to become supervillains.

The game is meant to be a fun exploration into characters we know and love. We seek to be an open, accepting environment to the players and their characters, where everyone can really enjoy themselves. This world is full of the heroes and villains (and civilians) that you're familiar with, they just happen to be genderswapped--and that's where the fun is!
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