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Fellow Mutants... [12 Apr 2014|05:59pm]
Professor X, Wolverine, Hellion, Hulkling, you're wanted at [info]rooms.
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Cracked Earth: a panfandom rpg [12 Apr 2014|09:06pm]





Character Directory
Current World

Most Needed

Elijah Mikaelson
Marcellus Gerard
Niklaus Mikaelson
Nick Armstrong
Deborah Armstrong
Diana Meade
Tyler Lockwood
Matt Donovan
Peter Hale
Scott McCall
Allison Argent
Logan Echolls
Sam Winchester
Ash Redfern

And more here.

The Universe created in Cracked Earth is the result of the setting in the Sliders universe. Quinn Mallory, with the aid of Professor Maximillian P. Arturo, created a device that would allow them to "slide" between alternate universes. However, the device didn't work and, instead, created permanent cracks between dimensions. This left one stable area on the planet, protected as if by a giant invisible bubble. Ever since, people have fallen through the cracks of their own dimensions and universes and woken up inside the bubble, which is on an endless journey from one dimension to the next.

Luckily, over time, this protected area became a thriving economic center.

The characters are relatively safe inside their non-dimension changing bubble. The inside of this area follows the weather patterns of the Northeast Coast of the United States (Burlington, VT) and has a series of mountain ranges that circle the town center. The area follows the seasonal patterns of the Northern Hemisphere.

There are rows of apartment buildings on Dahlia Court. The town also has a number of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.

But outside the bubble... anything goes. And no one knows what lies on the other side until they go.

Your character, along with the rest of the cast, has been brought into this safe area. They live in an enclosed town, with housing, shops, restaurants, entertainment and other assorted necessities for day-to-day life. Outside this bubble, Earth's dominant dimension changes on its own. One day, characters might leave the bubble to find it exists within a dimension where a species of aliens has taken over the world. Another they might discover that they're surrounded by a dimension where the American Civil War never occurred.

This is a panfandom, group story examining how characters from various worlds deal with life inside the bubble. And, more importantly, how they react, change and adapt to the different dimensions they'll be subject to if they leave their safe haven.


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[12 Apr 2014|09:34pm]
The HMS Surprise is a multi-fandom RPG that is based on the promise of adventure, working together, and character development. You are on a spaceship in the middle of cosmic nowhere - the month is present on the calendar, but the year is unimportant, and thus unlisted. You have been provided with a small apartment including a private bathroom, bedroom, and living area. A few of your possessions from home have made the trip, and you have been granted a communicator that both accesses the network, the ship's database, and whatever passes for the Internet in the unspecified year.

The ship is capable of holding 100 crew and passengers, is outfitted with everything a person requires to meet their basic needs: there is a cafeteria and kitchen on the B deck, along with the gymnasium, library, and med bay. The ship's crew is standing by, ready to offer any assistance or answer any questions that you may have.


There's hardly any members of the crew to speak of. There's one or two along with the ship's computer manifested as a hologram, and while they're helpful, that's about it. No one knows why the ship is mostly empty or what happened to her former crew, but the fact of the matter is, she's still going to rescue people and she's still going to make frequent stops on alien planets or jump through time. The multiverse isn't supposed to break and that even makes the stars themselves unstable and unpredictable. The unexpected needs to be expected and if you want to survive, you're going to have to take matters into your own hands and join the effort to keep the HMS Surprise running. Her mission is to find you a new home – the least you could do is show her the same mutual respect.

Wanted Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Rory Williams, Willow Rosenberg, Angel, Xander Harris, or any Star Trek, Star Wars, or Mass Effect characters. Other fandoms such as The Walking Dead, Sherlock, or The Vampire Diaries are entirely welcome.

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