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[14 Mar 2014|07:26pm]

In the beginning there were three original werewolf packs. Over the centuries they have parted ways, causing many of the species to die off or become lone wolves. The few packs that have remained together are trying to regain the respect the werewolves once had in the magical community. Recently a call has been sent out from one of the werewolf packs in New Orleans, calling members of the three original pack families to come to New Orleans. They have all had the stories...a child is to be born there that will change the hierarchy of the magical community forever. Welcome to New Orleans, home of the magical and the mystical. Brace yourself for the upcoming war.

Wanted Characters

Marcel Gerard, Oliver, Jackson, Eve, Jeremy Danvers, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Aiden and Ethan, Cora Hale and Alan Deaton

game info

[info]mythosmods is a multi-fandom crossover community based on the concepts of Originals, Bitten and Teen Wolf. Only characters from those three fandoms are currently welcome. Game opens March 21st!


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