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[19 Feb 2014|11:52pm]
you wake up...
Maybe you were just about to be crowned prom queen. Or maybe you were falling asleep in your boring physics class. Maybe you were wreaking havoc on a small town in Virginia. Maybe you were being attacked by walkers.

But now that life has been put on pause. Don't worry, you won't remember anything about your life before this moment anyway. Instead you are being brought to New Orleans, Louisiana where you will be given a new identity with new memories and dropped right into the middle of a brewing supernatural war.
welcome to new orleans.
Welcome to New Orleans. Never been here? It has the charm of Charleston, the rhythm of Memphis, and the anything goes attitude of key west. On second though, the best characterization of the city you now inhabit is to say New Orleans is like, New Orleans - and no place else on earth. Known for it's cuisine, jazz music and old world charm - people automatically tie it to Mardi Gras. However under all the party and the good eats, is a city filled with history, tales of voodoo and chaos. The best way to describe the city is by it's favored phrase: "Laissez Les Bonnes Temps Roulez" which means "Let the good times roll".
something wicked this way comes.
Deep in the heart of New Orleans, there exists a coven. Founded in 1694 by a group of witches who had escaped the Salem witch trials, over the centuries this coven has become deeply rooted in the history of New Orleans (even if most aren't aware of it), and specifically the French Quarter. In an attempt to blend in and hide their use of magic, the original leader -- Douglas Bailey -- acquired a storefront, and in the cellar they practiced. It began as a bakery, but as the shop was handed down from leader to leader (usually though the Bailey family itself), it became many things. Recently, in a parody of it's purpose, Hunter Bailey's grandmother made the space into a magic shop in the mid-1980's and it has stayed that way ever since.

The Bailey family has since the beginning proved themselves to be some of the strongest witches in the coven, and it is not surprising that because of this they have continued to lead the coven for more than three hundred years. The coven itself tends to stay within the confines of descendants of the original members, though every once in a while a new member may be allowed in. In recent decades, certain members have resented the Bailey family's monopoly over the coven and feel that it's time for a change. It hasn't helped that a few were not confident in Hunter's ability to lead in the wake of his grandmother's death. This has led to a split, with another faction forming to try and take over...
Are you ready to be cursed?
Game opens March 1, 2014
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