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Doors [09 Feb 2014|05:42pm]

Doors: Seeking Villains
Some doors should never be opened.

In the dark halls of a Las Vegas hotel, the grotesque and the terrible await. The Big Bad Wolf lurks behind a harmless cottage door. Lucifer schemes to open the Devil’s Gate once more. The Joker waits to bring chaos to a new, untouched Gotham. The Red Death yearns to breathe pestilence into a new ballroom. Voldemort anticipates his opportunity to strike out at a world that thinks itself rid of him at last. Dracula hungers for blood, and the sweet veins of his Mina. Frankenstein toils over a new species of monster.

The villains of fiction await in the Passages Hotel. They’re contained for now to the minds of their hosts, to the doors they inhabit, the worlds they dream of tearing apart. But what will happen when that all changes?

Will you be strong enough to stop them?

Seeking Villains From: X-Men, Batman, Supernatural, Fairy Tales, Avengers, Spider-Man, Alice in Wonderland, Phantom of the Opera, Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter and more.

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