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[24 Nov 2008|09:59am]

[info]hollaback_boys N. Pl. (ha-luh-bak-boiz)
1. An established celebrity slash roleplaying community.
2. A place for good writing and even better humor.

Taken/Held .+. Rules .+. Apply .+. FAQs

Original Characters
Ian Watkins
Matt Tuck
Ryland Blackinton
Bob Bryar & Ray Toro
Avenged Sevenfold (minus Zacky & Brian)
The Used
The Cab
Ludo (minus Andrew)
Say Anything
Jason Castro
Michael Johns
Teddy Geiger
Christian Bale
Shia LaBeouf
And MANY more!
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[24 Nov 2008|06:18pm]

Malaise House Roleplay

Welcome to Malaise House, dear visitor. This is a multi-fandom RP. You can play any character your heart desires from any fandom as long as it's from a public media. Please keep in mind it is AU, though, meaning you must alter their history to fit the setting of the world of Malaise House.

Malaise House is a wonderful little asylum in the middle of the snowy plains of Northern Russia. It is far from any towns in the area. To walk or run to and from there is quite risky without the proper clothes, though it's not too bad of a drive. As long as you keep on the road, of course.

The actual asylum is a quaint hospital. It’s big enough to care for at least two hundred patients and the staff. The building is over a century old, with renovations carefully made over the years. It appears it might have once been a welcoming place, but has since attracted an aura of deathly silence and ice. The only way to see the building from outside the high fences is the small gaps in the thick, metal gate. The grounds are wide and open, the staff over the years being careful to keep as few trees as possible. Though the grounds are open with basketball courts, tennis courts, and even a small pond, it is covered completely in snow and ice.

Upon entering the grounds of Malaise House, some say they have heard and sensed things. These people not being patients, of course. Perhaps there is a lingering of spirits of those who committed suicide, and the few murder cases over the long years of this mental asylum. There are also those spirits of those who wasted away in Malaise House. So very few ever leave the place alive, and those who know of Malaise House have wondered about this. Were the cases so bad they could not be cured? Did the staff not really try? Perhaps it was just the emptiness the pure white walls instilled in the patients? Who's to say?

Will you be our patient today?


|| Rooming Assignments || Patient Assignments || Suggestions/Concerns ||
|| FAQ & Guidelines || Fast Add/Remove || Malaise Premises/Locations || Hiatus/Drop || Reserves ||

Taken Characters
Be sure you do not take a name of someone already here. Wouldn't that be awkward?

Character Application
Upon entering the asylum you must fill out a form or two. It's just to keep your doctors and therapists informed on your health before coming to Malaise. Here is a list of the people we're hoping for, but you can apply for anyone, of course.

Of course, not everyone who comes to Malaise knows their illness. Be sure to fill out this form carefully so we can determine what your illness is. It would be horrible if you were treated for something else. Especially something with a terrible method of curing.

Staff Employment
If you wish to work at Malaise - and why wouldn't you? - be sure to fill out this form and hand it in to the headmaster.

Malaise Communities of Interest:
||malaiselogs || malaiseooc || creativemayo || malaisequotes ||

Our AIM Chatroom is: malaisehouse


And of course, the founders of such a lovely institution for the benefit of society:

Name: Daja
AIM: destiiny bound
Characters: Kadaj, Sasuke, and Sora

Name: Zexy
AIM: zexyfluff
Characters: Reno

Malaise House was rebuilt by the lovely Wata ([info]minako_nine) and Lisa ([info]uwaaaah) and we are eternally in their debt. We shall pay them back now with this notice here and a never-ending supply of free blowjobs.

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