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Mundus District :: A Multi-Fandom RPG! [22 Oct 2008|10:31am]
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Mundus District, located in the city of London.....Ontario.
Odd and strange things have been happening in the district. Its been receiving new tennents...they just don't know it yet.

All over the world, people have been falling asleep in their homes, only to wake up in a new apartment, on a street they don't recognize.

No one seems to know why, but who would really care? London is a wonderful place, just off of Lake Huron. The rooms have everything they need, and the city is full of fun and interesting things to do.

Bars, casinos, fine dining, ample employment....what will you do with your stay in Mundus District?

Began on September 15th! Many characters are wanted from different fandoms, including: The Master (Doctor Who), Martha Jones (Doctor Who), Donna Noble (Doctor Who), Sarah-Jane Smith (Doctor Who), Mickey Smith (Doctor Who), Sam Tyler (Life on Mars), Hiro Nakamura (Heroes), Noah Bennett (Heroes), Sam Winchester (Supernatural), Angel (Buffy), Spike (Buffy), Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory (Harry Potter), Chad Danforth (HSM), Sharpay Evans (HSM), Taylor McKessie (HSM), Peter Pan, Commodore Norrington (PotC), and MANY MORE! Come check us out!
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[22 Oct 2008|01:08pm]

On the dawn of a late fall morning in 2008, a virus was released upon New York City. Within days, individuals developed a sickness that eventually lead to death; and then...the bodies began to rise.

Those not afflicted or seemingly immune to the virus took refuge in a place that seemed like their only sanctuary. A Starmart Superstore. There they found food, weapons and shelter [not to mention those lovely rolled back prices].

They must band together to keep the afflicted out and to stay alive. Will you join or fall behind?

Welcome to Starmart, where you're a star no matter who you are!


Welcome to the Revenant Panfandom RPG. Here you can portray characters from any fandom. Make alliances, fall in love, find your sworn enemies and kill some zombies. Will you fight for those left? Or will you live the rest of your life in the canned foods aisle? Every choice you make effects the other survivors. Will you decide who lives and dies?

Any and all fandoms are welcome. The virus has stripped anyone with special abilities of their powers. Therefore, you're a simple human just like the rest of us, buddy.

Since we are just starting we are allowing two characters per player until we have a solid game going. Then it will be dropped to one each and we will have certain points where additional characters may be applied for.

Please view our rules before going through the application process. Good luck.

+++ We have two character requests, one is Peter Bishop from Fringe, the other is Thirteen from House to do a femslash storyline with Mikaela Banes of Transformers. Also, anyone from Harry Potter to join Ginny.

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“You have a choice. Live or die.
Every breath is a choice. Every minute is a choice.
To be or not to be.

--Chuck Palahniuk
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new multi-fandom RPG [22 Oct 2008|08:13pm]

Chosen Forces

Rules * Taken Characters * Wanted Characters * Taken PBs * Application * The Island * Living Quarters * Jobs

The battle between Good and Evil has been going on since the beginning of time. The forces of Good and Evil have fought on many worlds but so far neither side has been victorious.

Good and Evil have decided that things are taking far too long. They are getting impatient. To speed things up they decided to create a new world; a world in which the everlasting war will finally be decided.

Both sides will chose their soldiers from different worlds and bring them to this new world to join the final battle.

Characters from different fandoms are taken out of their usual surroundings and brought to the newly created world. Which side will they be on? And how will they cope with their new fate?

Will Good triumph over Evil?

We are a brand new rpg that has just started. This is your chance to be there from the beginning!

[info]chosen_forces is a fantasy/sci-fi multi-fandom RPG

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