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[11 Oct 2008|03:24am]

Welcome to Here, where universes and fandoms collide in a game
designed to be both an escape and a challenge for your pups. How do
they get Here? They simply solve a wooden puzzle!

It looks like an ordinary wooden box. You open it up, and find a
puzzle inside. You have found a Chaos Cube! Even though there are over
19,000 different ways to solve the puzzle, you may need to be a genius
to discover just one of them.

Once you solve the puzzle, you will find yourself unexpectedly
transported to a new place (along with anything and anyone touching
you or the cube at the time).

Where are you now? You're Here.

A sprawling estate, Here is nestled in a valley surrounded by
mountains. There are extensive grounds, a small lake, and lightly
wooded areas. There are acres and acres if land to explore! There are
recreational areas: archery range, tennis courts, and stables,
nine-hole golf course and driving range, indoor playground and outdoor
playgrounds children's playgrounds, indoor and outdoor pools and more.

In heart of Here, there is The Residence. Lavish hotel-style living
and amenities; each resident is given a luxurious suite with a
bedroom, living space, fully stocked kitchen and bathroom .

You don't need money here! Planes don't fly overhead, phones don't
ring, the stars are different from what one might be used to. It is
peaceful and calm here…most of the time. For the intrepid explorer,
there are discoveries to be made; secret passages to find, adventures
to be had and mysteries to be solved… what more could you want?

You want to be able to leave, you say? Try leaving and you will find
that all roads lead back to Here, and the Residence. Enjoy your stay!

There is no age limit for our game, per se, but you do need to
be able to spell and make yourself understood. Also, be advised that
entries may contain strong sexual or violent content, and will be
clearly marked and tagged as such. No one (either real or fictional)
under the age of consent may participate in explicit threads. Please
check out our rules and FAQ for further information.

Just click on the picture and it will take you there.

I love this game, small crew thus far.
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[11 Oct 2008|03:17pm]

[info]hollaback_boys N. Pl. (ha-luh-bak-boiz)
1. An established celebrity slash roleplaying community.
2. A place for good writing and even better humor.

Taken/Held .+. Rules .+. Apply

Original Characters
Pete Wentz
Ryland Blackinton
Bob Bryar & Ray Toro
Avenged Sevenfold
Bullet for My Valentine
The Cab
Michael Johns & David Archuleta
Tom Conrad & Sean Van Vleet
Forrest Kline
Max Bemis
Teddy Geiger
Josh Groban
Shia LaBeouf
And MANY more!
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