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Multi-Fandom Game [07 Oct 2008|10:36pm]

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You are in Foresthill Rehabilitation Center. You know why you are here. You are a danger to society, and we do not allow anything to threaten our citizens. If you feel that you have been wrongfully accused, you are welcome to your beliefs. The Core does not make mistakes. There will be no second chances.

You are not allowed to leave. You have been fitted with an H5 tracking computer chip. It cannot be removed unless it is deactivated. Should you try to remove it without deactivating it, the chip will explode. Should you try to leave Foresthill Rehabilitation Center and cross the surrounding fence, the chip will explode. Should you attempt to cause harm to one of the guards, your powers will be shut down. Should you continue to pose a threat to the guards, the chip will render you unconscious and you will be penalized.

If you do not attempt to escape or cause problems, this will be the last you will hear from us. You are now in the hands of the four capable Heads of Foresthill Rehabilitation Center. The events schedule will be mailed to you shortly.

If you are later considered rehabilitated and qualify for re-introduction into society, you will be contacted. We no longer care what you do. We will not be watching you.

But others will be.

FRC is a brand new pan-fandom game that welcomes characters from any canon. It hasn't started yet, but applications are open and we're hoping to get up and running October 10th!

Full Storyline - Rules - FAQ - Newbie Guide
Taken/Held/Wanted - Character Application - Gang List
Contact List (Friends Only) - Map
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