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new multi-fandom rpg [21 Sep 2008|05:50pm]

Chosen Forces

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The battle between Good and Evil has been going on since the beginning of time. The forces of Good and Evil have fought on many worlds but so far neither side has been victorious.

Good and Evil have decided that things are taking far too long. They are getting impatient. To speed things up they decided to create a new world; a world in which the everlasting war will finally be decided.

Both sides will chose their soldiers from different worlds and bring them to this new world to join the final battle.

Characters from different fandoms are taken out of their usual surroundings and brought to the newly created world. Which side will they be on? And how will they cope with their new fate?

Will Good triumph over Evil?

We are a brand new rpg that will start as soon as we have a few members.

[info]chosen_forces is a fantasy/sci-fi multi-fandom RPG

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