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[02 Sep 2008|09:55am]

Wanna save the world?

The premise// Taken and held// Rules// Application

Most needed characters
Jo Harvelle,anyone from supernatural
Beth,Mick,anyone from moonlight!
Scully or mulder
Clark Kent,lois lane,arthur curry/aquaman,green arrow,the flash,lex luthor,anyone from smallville.
Any of the cullens(bella and edward need plot!),Jacob black?
Anyone from x-men..

..And loads of others!
Apps are accepted on a first come first serve basis.
Originals are accepted
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[02 Sep 2008|01:06pm]

[info]brightest_ages is a non-canon Marauder's Era RPG.

It's 1977. Darkness is slowly blooming outside the safe walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Just rumors, for now, of the former Tom Riddle becoming the Dark Lord Voldemort are seeping through the halls like disease, making people sick at the thought. Other's are doubtful. How could one man become more powerful than the Ministry itself? Yet more and more people are slowly disappearing, more people beginning to wear their sleeves a little longer, unwilling to reveal their arm as if a dark mark of some sort was hiding under the cloth... How long will it take for people to realize? How long will it take for someone to fight back?

And how long will it take for Dark Lord Voldemort to obtain complete control?

All of our information is in our user info at [info]brightest_ages. Any questions, feel free to email us at!

Currently in need of the following: Bellatrix Black; Narcissa Black; Edgar Bones; Amycus Carrow; Bartemius Crouch Sr.; John Dawlish; Elphias Doge; Antonin Dolohov; Aberforth Dumbledore; Albus Dumblefore; Petunia Evans; Benjy Fenwick; Arabella Figg; Argus Filch; Mundungus Fletcher; Fenrir Greyback; Igor Karkaroff; Rabastan Lestrange; Rodolphus Lestrange; Augusta Longbottom; Frank Longbottom; Walden Macnair; Lucius Malfoy; Minerva McGonagall; Marlene McKinnon; Alastor Moody; Fabian Prewett; Gideon Prewett; Gawain Robards; Augustus Rookwood; Evan Rosier; Madam Rosmerta; Rufus Scrimgeour; Kingsley Shacklebolt; Prof. Horace Slughorn; Severus Snape; Sybil Trelawney; Ted Tonks; Arthur Weasley; Molly Weasley (married in 1970).

The game started September 1st, so send in an application now!

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