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[info]angelgrove, a multi-fandom RP. [12 Jul 2008|01:54am]

During the summer of 1998, Dark Specter's forces, under the leadership of the princess of evil, Astronema, invaded Earth. Angel Grove, the home of various teams of Power Rangers, was their main target. After a long, drawn-out battle of good versus evil, the former triumphed and defeated the invaders. This was not, however, without sacrifice. The Power Rangers' leader and mentor, Zordon, sacrificed himself in order to expel evil throughout the galaxy. In doing so, the energy wave that was expelled after the mentor's energy tube was shattered unknowingly opened up a rift in the space-time continuum. Now, people from all corners of the universe and time are arriving in Angel Grove. The Rangers go on, blissfully unaware of the portals' cause.

In the aftermath of the attacks, Angel Grove has been restored to it's former beauty. It is hard to tell that just last year, the city was in shambles. But, the serene setting of the city is about to be disrupted, as the rift opens and beings from all places and times begin to immerge...along with the remnants of dark forces that have been hiding out on the planet, Onyx. Namely, a villainess by the name of Scorpina...

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