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Coexistence; A Dimensional Mixer [04 Jul 2008|10:33am]


So you're standing on Main Street which you notice is now perpendicular to Ivy Lane. It wasn't before. Left to your own devices, you're best taking the advice of the last three joes you talked to: walk around, explore, don't worry about things. The City will take care of you until you've figured things out. Find an apartment. Find food. Find money. Find a job. Student, lawyer, reporter, scientist, socialite, hero; you'll figure it out because The City wants you to.

comics! television! novels! and film! oh my!
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[04 Jul 2008|07:42pm]

join [info]fandomjournal and blog from the point of view of your favorite fictional character. we just did a major clean-out, so many popular characters are now available, and we're looking for new members who like to post as well as comment. low-pressure, low-maintenance, no AIM or scening required. only a quick comment is required to join, and weekly writing prompts help fight writer's block. [info]numberonefan has the guidelines and the list of who's taken.

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