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Mirage: A Panfandom Resort RPG [17 Jun 2008|08:38am]
Started May 30th!
Tons of available characters!
Check our Wanted List!
Great players and mods!
Adds done as apps come in!
Apply today!



Far off in another universe a Planet has become a little lonely. To satisfy it's need for company, it has begun taking beings from all times and places and dumping them in the middle of a resort in it's center. These beings will be forced to interact with each other while attempting to adapt to their new environment.


Mirage . Mirage OOC .Mirage Mods

Rules . Q & A . Application

Guidelines . Friend Add . Character List

Classifieds . Room Assignments . Helpful Links

Introduction . Contact Info . Resort Info

More Resort Info . Taken/Held/Banned . Promoting

Affiliates . Mod Email

About the Game

Game Rating: NC-17
Age Limits: 17+
Slash/Smut Friendly
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[17 Jun 2008|08:26pm]

A city-based community game in Toronto, Ontario! New comm with an experienced mod. Now taking holds - all PBs are welcome!
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