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[04 Jun 2008|05:02pm]

You've reached a fork in the road, a place where paths meet and diverge. You've found a place where choices are made. Welcome to Winding Roads.

Winding Roads is a pan-fandom and original character community role play set in the strange city of Erewhon, a place that exists only unto itself. The characters who populate Erewhon are prisoners of the city, but the sole jailer for each unaware inmate is only himself.

Please take the time to look around, read more about the group, our application process. We are a serious plot and character-development oriented community, but we pride ourselves on being

friendly and welcoming.

This is a brand new game that is seeking players! Very few characters are taken. Please take a look around!

Game Start: June 7, 2008

Rules and Regulations
Taken Characters


Contact for Additional Information or Questions

Katie: AIM: mllemoonlanguage
Dawn: AIM: cycloneswake
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