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[25 May 2008|03:50am]

Mi•di•an: 1. n. A fictitious world created by the author Clive Barker, 2. n. A world below a graveyard that mimics the one above in an awkward, twisted fashion, 3. n. A multi-fandom RP on (see: online interaction, drama) with its roots in the art and fictional novels (more specifically the novel Cabal) of Clive Barker (see: plot devices) for entertaining, if not epic, proportions of play.


What if death isn't exactly what you thought? Oh, how we all planned on something black and white! The virtuous planned on going to fluffy clouds where angels play harps and you live happily. The darker types expected to burn in flames and be tortured for all eternity. That's what we all believed, right?

Well, we were wrong.

Welcome to Midian. A world within a world. Another world on Earth. Nestled quaintly under a graveyard, Midian is home to the restless, the condemned, those who cannot touch light and are shunned by society. Midian is a world of the walking dead.

The people of Midian are dead and alive, virtually zombies with their own minds. Covered in scars of the past, Midians are cursed to live beneath the soil of the Good Earth and stricken by everlasting darkness. Despite being barbaric in nature, Midian is not without governing laws. Even in the Darkness, Virtue is what one must live by.

There is but one rule: there is no going up. You may traipse about in the graveyard, but you may not go past it's massive gates of steel and spikes. Never, ever. Beyond those gates are where the Daywalkers roam and you are no longer of their kind.

Midian is full of fantastical creatures. flowers with faces, birds with human bodies, demon dogs, hybrid humans, and creatures made of flesh and those made only of bone, all which have been here long before those who have died. Some are kind, some are cruel, some are neither here nor there. Some are humanoid and others are spirits of those long dead. Some speak, some are mute. It's up to you to find out.

The landscape is everything from your imagination. There are massive treehouses, hills of monstrous proportions, trees born of beasts and trees of skulls. In the southernmost edge of the city there is a dingy, dirty staircase that leads to the cemetery.

Welcome to Midian. You are now one of the Nightbreed.


TAKEN CHARACTERS: A list of all the taken characters, held characters, players, and their contact can be found here.
APPLICATIONS: Apply for a character or put a character on hold here.
REQUEST LIST:: A growing list of requested characters that is updated often. Please take a look-see when considering which character you would like to apply for.
THE FAQ: A guide to playing at Midian. Very, very useful!

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Mirage: A Panfandom Resort RPG [25 May 2008|07:42pm]
Opens May 30th!
Tons of available characters!
Send in an application today!
Adds done as apps come in!


Far off in another universe a Planet has become a little lonely. To satisfy it's need for company, it has begun taking beings from all times and places and dumping them in the middle of a resort in it's center. These beings will be forced to interact with each other while attempting to adapt to their new environment.


Mirage . Mirage OOC .Mirage Mods

Rules . Q & A . Application

Guidelines . Friend Add . Character List

Classifieds . Room Assignments . Helpful Links

Introduction . Contact Info . Resort Info

More Resort Info . Taken/Held/Banned . Promoting

Affiliates . Mod Email

About the Game

Game Rating: NC-17
Age Limits: 17+
Slash/Smut Friendly
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