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Pandemansion a Panfandom RPG [07 May 2008|01:34pm]

The gods are up to no good again. A large conference was called, many showed up, many others deemed it not worth their precious time. The proceedings were long, drawn out and arguments were had. Many plans were drawn up, discussed, thrown out and redone. One plan was finally agreed upon.

A plan that would change the course of a chosen few of their followers.

All the worlds, all the times, beings could feel the pull. The mansion called, beckoned them to a time in paradise, held them within the confines of the island. Here only the mansion ruled, ever changing, ever listening, and all knowing.

Welcome to Pandemansion.

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Our start date was March 14. We're still accepting holds and applications, so do come and join the madness! Small plots will be added every few day changes so there will always be something to do.

Adds to be done 05/08/08!

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