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I'd like to turn to a type of song that people like myself find ourselves subjected to with increasing frequency as time goes on, and that is the college alma mater. You'll find yourself at a reunion of grads, and old undergrads, and eh... somebody will start croaking out one of these things and everyone will gradually join in -- each in his own key, of course -- until the place is just soggy with nostalgia. Well, a typical such song might be called Bright College Days, and might go like this. Bright college days, O carefree days that fly, To thee we sing with our glasses raised on high. Let's drink a toast as each of us recalls Ivy-covered professors in ivy-covered halls. Turn on the spigot, pour the beer and swig it, and gaudeamus igit-ur. Here's to parties we tossed, To the games that we lost, We shall claim that we won them some day. To the girls young and sweet, To the spacious back seat of our beat up Chevrolet.
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[15 Sep 2012|07:16pm]


FINALLY. sheli here with Sir Kitten Smiles Galahad!

no gifs bc i found like three and they were eeeeehhhhh

He is Paris' bb bro and Echo's big bro, recently transferred from Hipsterville Portland, Organ as a Graduate Student of Environmental Studies (minoring in Culinary Science). His name this time around is: Théodore Levesque. But Theo works just fine~.

Theo is ridiculously nice, tends to be on the quieter side, is v v patient and clearly all of you want to be his biffle. Too bad. His subtle drive for perfection has a tendency to isolate him. >: But hugs still? Homeskillz here lives with his brother, works at KaPow! and is part of the following clubs: Animal Rights, Culinary, Fencing, Gardening, Prayer Circle. Bonus! Also will start volunteering at the Montenegro Animal Shelter. just. Everything.

DEATH | As Galahad, he had been granted the power of getting to choose when and how he dies; this has carried over for Theo. It's fool proof too, he has to intentionally make the decision. So no one can trick him into saying a day, time and method of murder - doesn't work that way.

KNIGHT | All that you expect from a knight, Theo is at the highest of degrees. Swords? No problem. Battling dragons? Bring them on. (Sorry dragons.) Riding horses, battling evil doers, saving damsels in distress? Theo has a near superhero element to how easily and effortlessly he is able to perform all of these duties. He is not infallible, however, as both Theo and Galahad are of human origins - defeat, wounding, etc is entirely possible.

PURE | It is impossible to corrupt Theo. This is not to say that he is not without his flaws - no one really is perfect - but that nothing a person can do or say will ever drive Theo to do evil.

Some of you might have seen him out and about already, as Theo arrived just in time for the protest and had spent a lot of time helping anyone and everyone thereafter. And he won't be affected by the event, but will be greatly confused.

Love? Hate? Kittens?

[15 Sep 2012|09:48pm]


Guess who's heeeere~

App Here

Izanagi is an Environmental Science major specializing in Atmospheric Science (sort of a really odd homage to him popping down from the heavens and being all I MAKE ISLANDS. or something). His powers are AWESOME. Mostly. For him. If you need proof, read his log-type entry. Boom. And trust me, if any girl freaks him out to a certain degree, he'll use his first power on her. You know, until he grows up and isn't such a loser.

Other power? That's to piss you off, darling Izanami. ♥

He's also - if it's good with the Mods - the 3rd floor B wing RA. Cuz he's broke as hell and can't live outside the campus yet.

App provides extensive background, including reeeeeeally sad times. And unless you knew him for a long time (like Sheli's Jason), you wouldn't know about these sad times. Unless you stumbled across the ultrasound which he hides...somewhere. But really it is possible to know, he just has many fears. ): Also, if anyone is ever interested as a line, he has a younger sister named Mikaela. And! He's already got a few friend lines from many lovely people but he has been here for a year at the dorms, and he's in various clubs and intramural sports, so feel free to know him!

Ooookay~! Back on hiatus, will try to respond to anything people comment here! ♥

[15 Sep 2012|08:11pm]


Hey! It's Nye. I just wanted to say that Uzume is back. This time, her name is Areum Sagong, Amatsu-Mikaboshi's aunt. And, yes, they're only four years apart. So, they're more like cousins or friends. And she still loves her big brother. They just have nothing in common.

She's getting her M.F.A. in dance and works part-time at the Wellness Center as a receptionist. She's been here since this summer. Before that, she was in LA doing her dance thing in various music videos, movies, TV shows, commercials, where ever she could get money. Before that, she was touring around the world with her dance troupe for two years. She got her B.F.A. at Monte, so professors, students, and others who were here from 2005-2009 can know her.

She's more outgoing, brash, will make rash or hasty decisions, and more of a sexual being than before. She doesn't really open up to people, but she'll be there for others. She's not a selfish person. You can read more about her here.

EVENT [15 Sep 2012|12:04am]


The moment you wake up in the morning, you notice everything seems rather normal. No strange occurrences, no flowers growing out of your ears, no fireworks blasting. But that is the problem: it's too normal. Why? Because you're about to taste normality.

Say goodbye to your powers, reincarnates.

No matter how hard anyone tries, they will not gain their powers back. It's not going to be an obvious change, not something you'd feel physically. Pray or wish as hard as you want, but it won't fix itself. You've been stripped of your powers, but don't worry, it's only temporary -- until the end of the event, that is. Until then, you have to deal. After the riots, you must be feeling proud to be a reincarnate, and now you're just one of them.

Enjoy it, or hate it. It's your choice.

As always, this event is not mandatory! Please make use of the [event] tag in every post, even if it has nothing to do with the event. Go ahead and comment for which of your characters are affected and which aren't.

More drops... [14 Sep 2012|03:33pm]

I, too, have to drop some of my characters, not because they didn't work out, but because school plus 6-7 characters is just too much for me at the moment. Thus, I'm definitely going to drop Amphitrite and Sigyn and probably one or two others soon, depending on how everything goes. I'm very sorry for that.

Thank you for playing with them, I had a lot of fun.

♥ Miri

drop. [13 Sep 2012|09:01pm]

I'm not up to playing Metatron. As much as I love him, this simply isn't for him, and there's no reason to force it. Maybe he'll re-emerge from my head as someone else, someday, but for now, this muse needs the rest.

Love you guys. Thanks for playing with him. ♥

- K.

mod note [13 Sep 2012|06:15pm]


Hey lovelies, we realize the email from the pres never went up, but it addressed the riots, the damage, and the future of Montenegrou sometime on the 7th. He would've stressed we are to remain strong, and that this may not be the last, that we will endure. He would've mentioned classes will start on the 17th, or this Monday, and that some of the classes in certain buildings (like the Music building) will be relocated for the time being. We apologize for putting it off this long.

We'd also like to make it known that the Greek taken page got so big we had to split it in three. We could go STOP APPING GREEKS, but... you know we won't. ♥ Also keep in mind we have an event coming up on the 15th!

[13 Sep 2012|06:00pm]

Hey, guys, hiatus here. Schoolwork is adding up and I'm working at a wedding this weekend. Will try to stay on top of logs. And if Izanagi gets in, I'll have him introduce himself some time next week. Stay awesome, Monte. ;)

[13 Sep 2012|12:47pm]

So, after much agnozing and debating, I have decided to give in and make Helen a blonde. There are just far more resources available for Amanda Seyfried as a blonde and I was tired of searching to the ends of the earth for one* gif of her from In Time. Nonetheless!

To keep it reasonable, as she did have short and red hair before: We'll say that she's been growing her hair for some time and got extensions for the rest of the length.

She's a natural blonde, but only her family will have known this. Only apologies to her beloved Medea. The truth is out. She was never a true redhead. Drinks?

this has been a post. herpderp.

* okay, so there's more than one, but w/e. still not enough to have a decent choice.

attn~ [12 Sep 2012|11:17pm]


Dear Monte,

It has come to my attention that I'm not writing enough. I have a little less time than usual save weekends because of class every day, but I will persevere! And I can still tag inbetween classes. So if anyone would be kind enough to look here if you commented to me on the plot post so we may do some fabulous threading, I would be super duper interested. And even if you didn't, you must come write with me. I am invoking this new game rule: you must all play with Angie. All this base are belong to Angie, etc.

Okay, not a new rule, but please come do it anyway!

clearly some crazy person

[12 Sep 2012|11:40pm]

Hey! Just letting all you cool kids know that I'm going on a mini-LIKE REALLY mini hiatus! Friday through Monday I'll be at the beach. I know this is no excuse, but I landed a new job (as I think I've mentioned) just as I joined up here (or not really long after). So I've been having to adjust and get used to a 40+ hour work week that I wasn't used to before. Most times I come home I'm just exhausted. But I haven't forgotten about you guys and sorry if I've been a flake. I'd really like to dip Peleus into a whole not more when I get back. I need the vacation and some relaxation!

I'll miss you guys! Please email me if you have stuff you wanna do! Beat me over the head more like, it's honestly what I need most of the time. Email:

Thanks guys!


[10 Sep 2012|03:40pm]


I MANAGED TO FINISH A CHARACTER! (sorry Thirteen it took so long ;;)

This lovely lady here is Dr. Sela Gisèle Halden, your Assistant Professor for Forensic Pathology.
x She's 35
x Mostly goes by Gisèle as first name, only few people know her "real" first name is Sela
x Sean Halden aka Horus is her little brother
x She's from N'awwwlins and went to the same school as Persephone (Jae-bb, do they know each other?)
x She's pretty much of an ice-berg
x she set her ex-bf's car on fire after she caught him in the act, whoohoo
x I would find it hilarious if her ex-boyfriend would be in game *_*
x Thoth aka Anthony Castro told her she's Nephthys
x Perfectionist
x Workaholic
x has a slight Cajun accent
x Faculty adviser for the Archery club (oh, modly ones, would you please add this for me?)
x asdfghjk I know I forgot something. But I can't remember what ;;

xEDIT: I KNOW WHAT I FORGOT! Here is more about her.

I'm such a loser ;; I also forgot to list her powers here. So, there you go:
Powers~ )

So, people, lines anybody? She needs basically everything from friend to enemy to colleague-acquaintance to whatever. She's been at Monte for one year.

Oh, and this is Miri, btw XD

[09 Sep 2012|09:17pm]



Okay... So, this guy is Hector or Ian Ostermann. He's here because his wife is a professor (Anthropology). She's been here since last semester, so feel free to know her. He came over in March, but he's been seen on campus more this summer, because he got a job in the maintenance department. Part-time only. He will be a freshman in the fall! Again, part-time.

The reason why he's 30 and a freshman is because he was in the Marines. Fighting oversees. He came home because he was ordered to. He left the Marines because he loves his wife (and son - 3 years old) and now it's her turn to pursue her dream. It's not exactly easy to go from Gunnery Sergeant to Mr. Mom. It's also not easy for him to speak about being Hector. You just don't talk about that stuff in the Marines (or at least he didn't). But he's going to try!

Powers? He's a great fighter. He can't beat Ares, but he can win against others. People listen to him, and he doesn't even have to try. But that depends on how well a person likes him. Achilles isn't going to care what this guy says. And, he can't get any minor cuts and scrapes.

Profile here.

Quick pimping: I would love his current wife and Andromache. (And Astyanax). (He also has two brothers and a sister.)

mod note [08 Sep 2012|08:55pm]


Hola amigas, we have prepared a special post for you guys: the campus map! Right now it's not entirely set in stone -- there can still be new buildings or areas around campus that can easily be added, if you want to leave a comment in the post re: a new location. (Don't laugh at the lake -- that was drawn with the paintbrush tool and not the pen tool like it should've been.)

And we're working on that email! One of the mod's electricity went out, and bam, goodbye unsaved email document. But it will go up before the end of the night, though it will be backdated about two days because of mod fail.

That is it. ♥

i got bored... [09 Sep 2012|02:40am]

... and made these.

the muses )

Eris/Halphas/Nike )

TFLN Meme [07 Sep 2012|11:33am]

[ mood | amused ]

How it works:

1. post with your character!
2. either post with a TFLN or just wait for someone.
3. respond to people's texts or tag them with your own.
5. have fun!!

[07 Sep 2012|04:46pm]


Oh hai there, Alexandra here with another character this time Freya aka Jasmine Watson.

→ She's 22 and has been at Monte since she finished school. She's studying Fashion Design
→ She has a highly dysfunctional family - her parents divorced and remarried. She's therefore cousins to [info]lovendesire (Eros), [info]the_un_faithful (Sigyn) [info]profetes (Helenus)and The Eisley siblings
→ She works at a clothing store
→ She's fairly friendly but she can have a violent temper if pushed
→ She supports equal rights and is a member of the LGBT club
→ Her powers are: Love the Lady - of extreme beauty, Freya has the ability and power to attract men to her and while she 'collects' them her heart only belongs to one person

A Grudge forever - If angered too much, Freya has the ability to curse someone in that they will never be able to earn her forgiveness for whatever deed has wronged her.

Pregnancy - As a goddess of fertility, Freya has the ability to impregnant people with a thought if they wish to become pregnant. Say you character tells her "My husband and I have been trying to have a child for ages with no success," she can make it happen with a thought but only with their consent. She would never force a pregnancy upon someone. It works somewhat as a fertility drug and just enhances their ability to fall pregnant.

→ Her app is here if you want more info on her :)

mod note [06 Sep 2012|11:22pm]


Hey guys, we realize we never really clarified just how the protest ended or how long is lasted -- we left some of that up to you guys, but officially people were out of the city by yesterday! The riots were worse on the first two days, and became less hostile/violent by yesterday afternoon. Police barricades are still up in the downtown core, and the police presence has increased, but has become less prominent since this morning.

The university itself will be sending out a private email to all students and staff regarding the riots and how it'll affect the school. We have yet to finish the post, but classes will begin on the 17th while the town and school do some clean up. There'll be further instructions in the email!

Some students will be relocating to different buildings while the damage is repaired on campus. There wasn't too much, mostly damaged windows, doors, and graffiti. These include students in the Music department and in the Sciences building. Only for about a month's time or so!

We're hoping to finish the email for the morning, so please keep your eyes peeled. ♥

LOOK WHO IT IS, BITCHES [06 Sep 2012|07:08pm]

Yes that's right, it's Nat here, bringing you Clytemnestra - this time around known as Allegra Fox, older sister to Jordan and Carlie. She's a senior at the military academy, which means she's been in Montenegro for 3 years now! Before that she was actually in the military, and served a tour overseas before she decided it would be a good idea to get a degree on the military's dime. Why, do you ask?

Well, one of her powers/inflictions this time around is that for any injury she inflicts, the universe finds a way to inflict back. Clytemnestra might have killed her husband, but she got hers in the form of their son killing her. So. Her other things are the ability to hold a motherf'ing grudge, and she can talk weaker will men into doing what she wants them to. It would help if she could also use her feminine wiles~, but lol, she has none.

In this life she's a bit socially awkward and terribly blunt, and VERY protective of those she cares about. She has an instinctive distrust and dislike of guys, and she doesn't get along with girls very well. But she's a very good student, a good soldier and a really good sister!

So plot and connections please~ especially the military peeps! She's not terribly forward about being Clytemnestra, but anyone who asks her who she is, she would tell! She doesn't really date, but feel free to have tried! I also believe she's going to be the new girls RA for Floor 3? I think so anyway!

plot post [06 Sep 2012|12:28am]


1. Please don't take anything personally. If a plot is turned down, look for opportunities for another or an alternative!
2. We encourage cross-pantheon activity!
3. Comment with your name in the subject line, your character(s), and their journal(s). Also feel free to indicate which of yours need the most plot.
4. Comment to others with plot ideas!
5. Enjoy!

Pothos! [05 Sep 2012|08:54pm]


HEY GUISE! This is Pothos (and I'm Alex!), of the Greek variety (not the plant, though it's a nice hearty indoor plant) and he's coming atcha. That sounds terrible. He's joining? I don't really know, you guys, but here's what I do know! Eric Clawiter is in the liberal arts program (he couldn't decide on one particular major for too long) and has been at MNU for awhile, which means pre-established friendships can happen! OH MAH GERD. I figured it was easier than him being brand spanking new and having to go through the whole schebang.


  • Pothos is related to Eros and Aphrodite, and supposedly Iris and Zephyr as well. The Greeks aren't too sure but he was the more jealous of the cupids and caused all the heartache.
  • He ability is to make you yeeeeaaarrrrrnnn. Want, desire, crave. Because it's his biggest failure, is he wants to fill his own yearning black hole with love, so he does it to others.
  • He's from Napa Co., which is Northern California for you not in the know. He grew up on a farm with seven siblings, rode around on goats as a baby (and then eventually horses, goats only hold so much weight) and was a general American star. He played sports, learned the guitar, etc.
  • Never had a real love, usually dumps girlfriends after a few weeks. I know, it's so sad! etc.

    Everything else is, of course, in his profile. I'm open for anything, plots, bad nights, stories, etc. I figure he's gotten around with people and knows a little bit of everyone everywhere, so that should help!

  • THE MONTENEGRO CHRONICLE: Aug 5, 2012 [05 Sep 2012|10:25pm]

    a snippet from this morning's front page )

    [05 Sep 2012|06:32pm]

    Hi kids, I'm dropping Eos because she didn't turn out as expected, and despite loving her PB, I would prefer to have someone new that I can do justice. Turning off comments because ;___;

    Ugh I should have posted this days ago [06 Sep 2012|08:00am]

    [ music | Aladdin - To Be Free ]

    JSYK, at the start of the protest Arthur would have contacted all of the knights he knew (which is all of them except Agravaine I think?) and asked them to try and keep order in the streets. He in particular would have partnered up with Lancelot, and they would have been around as escorts and protectors for everyone and anyone~

    plot event -- news report [02 Sep 2012|04:08pm]

    [ mood | stressed ]

    [Earlier today, up on Capitol Hill, Representative Carter Jackson III from Georgia, gave a stirring speech regarding incarnates. Here's a few choice quotes --

    "There comes a time in our lives when we’re faced with a threat, whether it be a threat against our nation or the world as a whole, and try as I might I can’t help but think that this whole incarnate business is just another threat that we have to deal with. Now I know what you’re thinking out there, ‘But Representative Carter, isn’t your boy one of those incarnates?’ and that’s true, my own son is among that number. That doesn’t mean I want him to get special treatment, if anything it just makes my feelings toward this stronger."

    "We need some sort of legislation, some way of dealing with these so-called special types and their powers. The president and leaders of other nations need to put their heads together and set up a registry so we know what we’re dealing with. Some of these incarnates, they’ve got funny ways about them. They can get in your head, make you do things. What if one of them took it upon himself or herself to get to the president, start a war or something?"

    "If we had some way of knowing which of these types were around, wouldn’t we all feel a little safer? We’ve got scientists all over the world looking for a cure for any number of diseases, how do we know some incarnate doesn’t have the power to wipe out cancer? We should test for these things, and maybe even try and find a way to identify what makes a person become an incarnate. Is there some gene? If two incarnates reproduce will they breed true, making another incarnate? These are the important issues, things people need to know."

    -- When asked for a comment, President Obama's aide said that the President 'has a lot to think about in regards to these new issues, but rest assured he's taking this quite seriously.' Already, pundits across the globe are beginning to weigh in on this developing situation. Keep an eye on the news, folks, as we're certain this isn't the last we'll hear from Representative Jackson or on incarnates.]

    All throughout the town of Montenegro, at approximately 5:00pm MST, anyone online, listening to the radio, or watching television, will hear the aforementioned news report blasting across the airwaves. Feel free to react appropriately, and use this post if you have any questions. Comments will be screened.

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