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I'd like to turn to a type of song that people like myself find ourselves subjected to with increasing frequency as time goes on, and that is the college alma mater. You'll find yourself at a reunion of grads, and old undergrads, and eh... somebody will start croaking out one of these things and everyone will gradually join in -- each in his own key, of course -- until the place is just soggy with nostalgia. Well, a typical such song might be called Bright College Days, and might go like this. Bright college days, O carefree days that fly, To thee we sing with our glasses raised on high. Let's drink a toast as each of us recalls Ivy-covered professors in ivy-covered halls. Turn on the spigot, pour the beer and swig it, and gaudeamus igit-ur. Here's to parties we tossed, To the games that we lost, We shall claim that we won them some day. To the girls young and sweet, To the spacious back seat of our beat up Chevrolet.
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[07 Oct 2012|06:54pm]

Hey guys,

I will have to take a hiatus from tomorrow on. I'll be on a class trip to Prague the whole week and it's veeeeeery unlikely that I'll have internet there (sure, there are computers in the lobby of the hostel, but they're always occupied by the "cool" kids) Phone internet access probably also won't work because it's the Czech Republic and not Germany and my phone sucks balls.

However, I'll try to fight the cool kids to at least keep me updated on what you guys are planning for the game and on Friday the 12th I'll be back.

Have a nice week, all you lovely people!

♥ Miri

[02 Oct 2012|07:26pm]

Been sick/stressed/overtime work to keep my frame shop afloat in lieu of loosing our manager. But I popped in right after a bunch of stuff it seems. I'm still here with Peleus. If anyone is interested in the kid. Sorry if I've been kinda a failbot.

[30 Sep 2012|04:52pm]

I've decided to keep Kappa for the time being, and drop Chang'e and Elaine of Corbenic. I might revamp their apps and bring them back. I definitely will if someone wants to help me with lines. Chang'e is Korean and Elaine can be from anywhere. (Their personality will stay the same.) If you want to look at them, their journals are [info]curiousmoon and [info]grailmaiden.

ALSO! I'm taking a hiatus this week. I really need to focus on school as I've been neglecting a class. (It has to do with research, and I hate finding research and all that. But I have to get going since I have to be finished with this project in a month and a half.) I will work on the logs I've started while I'm away, but there won't be any new posts or comments. (I will post Uzume since she needs one for the AC, so I might comment to it during the week as well.) If I'm on the ball, I'll probably be back before Friday.

And this has been Nye. :D

[30 Sep 2012|01:40pm]


Life has been hella crazy and with all the drops I've been kinda :/

But I'm staying at least with Archer here. Not sure about the others because the lines went POOF for most of them.

I'M GOING TO BE SLOW AS HECK UNTIL NEXT WEEK THOUGH. Life sucks. I'll try not to forget AC? I think I have the tags for Archer anyway.

dun dun duuuuuuun [30 Sep 2012|04:53pm]

Yeah. I have to make a few cuts as well since the CR vanished and I just don't feel the characters anymore.

I will drop Sam/ Amatsu-Mikaboshi and Gisèle/Nephthys (BUT! I would re-app her or write a new sister for Horus, if you'd like that, Thirteen. I just don't like the current concept of her.)

Limos and Nike will still be in game and I would love to have some new CR for them! Come at me, people!

[27 Sep 2012|07:12pm]

This seems like a good place to do this, since everyone else is :-D

I am keeping everyone (as I did not have THAT many :) but some lines DID disappear that I am willing to fill!!!! )

Dionysus and Maya could always use more siblings, since we lost a brother

Ao Chin could use any family

Medusa that I am apping lost her ex husband, see me and Nye for this role, SUPER FUN POTENTIAL. They also lost a daughter/sister.

If you are interested in any of that, just comment! :-D

[27 Sep 2012|04:13pm]

k here.

dropping a few of my own due to general muse frustration.

ganymede & zelus & agamemnon & belphegor will be officially out the door. if this is bothersome to anyone, i'm sorry, but, yeah. miri, dear, i'm willing to app someone in that whole big brother position if you'd still want that, but my zelus muse is like. cray-cray inactive.

but i'm staying, and if i can fill any lines for anyone, i'd love to.


- k

[26 Sep 2012|09:49pm]

I just wanted to say that I'm dropping a few characters. They are:

Agravaine [info]thearrogant
Mug Ruith [info]slaveofthewheel
Nut [info]skycovered
Syrinx [info]pridefulpipes

I am definitely keeping Eros, Hel, Phobetor, Raphael, Demeter, Hector, and Uzume. (I'm on the fence with Kappa, Elaine of C., and Chang'e.)

I just wanted to let everyone know! :D

[25 Sep 2012|02:24pm]

At this point it's easier to say who ISN'T abandoning ship.

I'm still here for the long haul. Who else is?

OOC does NOT equal IC people, let's repeat that shall we?

Edit: Easier to edit than reply to everyone!!

I'll be keeping everyone, as I guess I'm lucky and have at least part of my plots in tact.

Set, Dionysus, Phantasos, Ao Chin, Odin

and I'm apping: Medusa and Khnum
Medusa's ex husband and daughter are obviously is no longer in play, but her son is! I suppose there's a few slots free there :)

[25 Sep 2012|12:14pm]

I hate doing this, guys, I really do. I had been contemplating another hiatus or dropping some characters because my schedule is kicking up again, but I think I will have to leave as well. I had a wonderful time in the game and I got to meet and make lots of friends. It's been a real pleasure and thank you for having me on board. ♥

I'm also posting a note from Mary, who also has to drop:

"Hey Monte, I know that I've only been here for a much shorter amount of time than most of you, but I had a lot of fun within that time and it gave me the inspiration and motivation to write again after a year of only really writing papers for grad school. Although I'm leaving as well, I just wanted to share my appreciation to everyone for giving me a chance here. Thank you for everything!

Best wishes, Mary (Izanami)"

Take care, everyone. :)

Vic, Mary
Izanami, Izanagi, Loki, Durga, Sedna, Icarus, Iris, Halphas

[24 Sep 2012|08:02pm]

Hey kids. Sadly, I am going to be leaving the game as well. Thanks for all the fun times and I'm glad this game helped me get back into the swing of large group RP. Hopefully I can see you all in other games!

~ Emma (Apollo, Charon, Harpocrates, Hebe, Heimdallr, Hod, Lilith, Manannán mac Lir, Michael, Morpheus, Pelleas)

[24 Sep 2012|05:49pm]

Right on the heels of Shelbert and Nat, but :x Gonna have to peace out myself. It was really fun playing with you guys and I really, really hope I'll get to play with you again.

Cheers & lots of love,
Jae & Tanuki, Helenus, Atahensic, Bia, Persephone, Jade Rabbit, Xi Shi, Medea, Osiris, Terpsichore.

[24 Sep 2012|02:50pm]
Hay bbs.

In lieu of the growing stress re: my work situation I've decided to bite the bullet and drop from Monte completely. I don't know when all of this will smooth over and I have too many responsibilities rn to be trying to spread myself thin. I'm so v v sorry to everyone and all of the beautiful cr I've had with each of you. Best wishes to you all, hopefully we'll encounter one another again sometime down the line. c:

Sheli & co.

Goodbye horse. [24 Sep 2012|11:19pm]

So, I know I only posted a hiatus post yesterday, but I'm here to say goodbye. For reasons I am dropping the game completely. It's been lovely getting to know you guys, and I hope we get to play together again sometime. For those of you who don't have me friended, I'm at [info]missbossyboots, feel free to add me.

[24 Sep 2012|05:44pm]

dskjfa;kldsjfa So over at the last plot post I talked about doing threads with people. I know one was [info]inviting_sorrow but due to the life thing I completely forgot about the threads and now I can't find the comments discussing them. So who wants my three for threads/plot/whatever.

Alexandra (Morgan Le Fay, Poseidon, Freya)

Oh life. [24 Sep 2012|08:20am]

So some of you will be aware that I am currently working through a bunch of financial paperwork, and it will just not end. My life. :(

But! Since it has not ended, and I can't really concentrate on ANYTHING else til it is done, I am declaring hiatus from now til at least October 1. Hopefully I will not die of brain overload between now and then.

[23 Sep 2012|06:11pm]

I LOVED this pb and concept, but she's just not working for me, so I'm dropping her, sorry guys!

END OF EVENT [22 Sep 2012|11:54pm]

Apologies for the lateness of this! As of midnight last night, everyone's powers returned. There was no delay in them returning -- upon waking up, everyone would be able to notice something was finally right again. Enjoy your powers while you have them, godlings.

You never know when you may lose them again.

[20 Sep 2012|01:10pm]
Hey everyone~!

For those of who have not heard/do not know: I'm part of the management team at a local coffee shop and we recently lost a good chunk of our best employees bc of the SM's incompetence. As such, I've had to fill in the holes, whilst also attending several other schools, private lessons, and two film projects I've been hired onto. Needless to say: I'm going to take a bit of a hiatus until things come together and settle down.

Ideally I should be back by the 29th of September. If not, that however, expect me by the 8th of October. I believe I still owe a post for one or two of my characters to meet the activity requirement and I'll be certain to get that in sometime soon and I may occasionally pop in during fits of insomnia to reply to comments and whatnot, but for the most part I will be nonexistent.

Feel free to email me ( if you need anything!

xoxo Sheli
☛ Baldr, Gabriel, Galahad, Helen, Hyacinthus, Isis,
Monkey King, Nyx, Psyche, Ryujin, Troilus & Vishnu

[18 Sep 2012|07:04am]

Hey, babes. Jae here and going on hiatus until the 27th-ish. Work has been pretty stressful and I need to get some shit together RL and RP-wise. Be back soon and hopefully more fun to interact with. ❤ Miss Miri, feel free to namedrop Bia and Tanuki since they are assuredly hanging around their favorite girl. XD

[17 Sep 2012|06:06pm]

Ok... After confirming that Jill was not try to break up with me ;p. I've decided that I'm going to take a couple week haitus.
I think my muses are fried currently which is why it's been hard for me to tag no matter how much I want the interaction to happen.
So, I won't be commenting on anyone's posts unless you feel it necessary to take to one of my characters directly... like how Cain is constantly putting sides to his dear flatmate. lol. I'll attempt to answer those, but otherwise my muses need a vacation.

~Ares, Horus, Jor, Judas, Daphne, Maya, Mel

Yo yo yo [17 Sep 2012|06:17am]


This is Miri, reintroducing DAWN AKA LIMOS, the Greek goddess of starvation.

She's one of Eris' gazillion kids and her grandma is Nyx! In this life she's sister to Night (Poseidon), Sage (Phantasos) and Silver, who will be coming in soon. Blabla, she still has a twin sister and their triplet died in an accident.

She's kinda a lot nicer then my previous version of her, still weird about food, animals and bacteria, though. Dawn's pretty childish and derpy and pretty much open for shenanigans.

More can be found HERE

I'M SO HUNGRY; People around Dawn will find themselves being hungry, no matter if they have just eaten or not. This feeling will last until 20 minutes after they've been near her. The ability does not apply to herself, and less to people who are constantly around her.

UGH FOOD; Dawn herself needs very little food to live. During her teenage years she was thought to be anorexic, but it turned out to be because she's Limos. Yes, she is skinny and people always have the need to make her eat a sandwich, but this is all due to who she was and no psychological problem.

She will work pt @ the Laughing Buddha and be in Animal Rights (Secretary), Photography and Clarion (second Editor)

She'll also live with Hedone off-campus? Psst, Angie, do you still want that?

So, come at me, people!

save a horse, ride a dioscuri~ [16 Sep 2012|06:55pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Oh shit you guys, it's a Castor, get in the car!

...but no, seriously, you should have expected this. Castor is here, though in this life he goes by Brandon Murphy-Coleman. He's the 20 year old brother of Pollux, aka Rory Murphy-Coleman, and he's a junior in the Atrophysics program.

His powers:
Flash of the blade: Although he's never formally taken lessons, Castor is an excellent fencer. When he picks up his weapon it's like it becomes a part of him, regardless of what sword-type he chooses. He's not impossible to beat, but fighting him is incredibly challenging.

Horse sense: Castor has a knack with horses, to the point where some suspect he can speak to and understand them. Their suspicions would be correct, though it's not something he broadcasts.

This mortal coil: Due to his less-than-divine parentage, Castor knows that he's fated to die at some point. However, he's unsure of exactly when and how. What he does know, is that if he's about to do something that could end in his potential death, he gets a tingling in his spine that warns him to be cautious.

He'll be in Fencing, Animal Rights, and Parkour, and he works at The Ark. Otherwise, his app is here, and since he's been at the school for two years now people can know him as Brandon (or Bran). He's never publicly come out as Castor.

giddy up~ [16 Sep 2012|06:40pm]


HI GUYS. This is the first of three new ones coming in from me. This is Pollux, one half of the Dioscuri/Gemini, and brother to Clytemnesta and Helen. And yes, his username is one way to make eggs. In this life, he's eighteen, going by Rory Murphy-Coleman, and he's in Astrophysics only because of Castor, who is his step-brother in this life, and who will say hello soon, RIGHT JILL.

He grew up in Canadia, but that doesn't mean he's a polite little fucker, okay? Because ugh stereotypes. But he does say pls and ty more than the average American, STFUUU. He is also very new to MonteU! He's friendly and lovely, but piss him off or hurt his family and he'll sock you in the face. Which leads me to the following, his powers:

DOWN HORSIE - Horses seem to like him. They will always allow him to ride their back, no matter how volatile they are, and will always accept food from his hand. Additionally, he can ride one with the ease of a pro.

MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT - He's strangely good at boxing. Good enough to rival a seasoned boxer in technique and strength. With that, he's swift on his feet and can dodge most hits directed at him.

Hopefully he'll be in Parkour, MMA and Equestian club/team with Troilus (SHELI DID YOU DECIDE WHICH YOU WANT), and he's going to be working at The Sports Complex. Be good to him, kids, and don't be deceived by his cute face~

[16 Sep 2012|03:11pm]

Ugh ugh ugh. You know those situations where you think you'll only be really busy for like a day? Then it spirals out of control and suddenly it's a week later and you have NO IDEA WHERE THE WEEK HAS GONE? Yeah it was one of those weeks. So yeah sorry for being MIA, going through my tags now.

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