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I'd like to turn to a type of song that people like myself find ourselves subjected to with increasing frequency as time goes on, and that is the college alma mater. You'll find yourself at a reunion of grads, and old undergrads, and eh... somebody will start croaking out one of these things and everyone will gradually join in -- each in his own key, of course -- until the place is just soggy with nostalgia. Well, a typical such song might be called Bright College Days, and might go like this. Bright college days, O carefree days that fly, To thee we sing with our glasses raised on high. Let's drink a toast as each of us recalls Ivy-covered professors in ivy-covered halls. Turn on the spigot, pour the beer and swig it, and gaudeamus igit-ur. Here's to parties we tossed, To the games that we lost, We shall claim that we won them some day. To the girls young and sweet, To the spacious back seat of our beat up Chevrolet.
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activity check [01 Sep 2012|12:02am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

A U G - S E P T

1. Any characters who have come in after the 24th are exempted.
2. If you declared a hiatus within the week before, you can be exempted. Slowatus does not exempt you.
3. Activity checks last from the first of the month to the night of the fifth.
4. Please comment with the character name, journal, and activity.

You must meet one of the following criteria to pass:

► one journal post
► one completed log
► a post or log with 10 IC comments

[31 Aug 2012|11:06pm]


HONEYBUNS. I don't believe I've ever asked this before, and if so I dooo apologize, but I am wondering the following: where did you come up with your character(s) username(s)/what do they mean?

[31 Aug 2012|08:10pm]

Sup yo? Dis here introducing character number 12, ELIGOS

In this life time he's known as Eric Hammond, and he's a 24 year old guy, and graduate in the military school. In his former life he was known as Eligos, Eligor, and Abigor, was a grand duke of Hell with sixty legions, and known as war type demon. In this lifetime he's still connected to war, and military stuff (sort of), but the fact that he was raised in a prosperous environment by a Christian mother, and a wealthy man has had a hand in shaping who he is now.

Which, well, fair warning, he's not exactly nice. In fact he might be my meanest character, and you'll see what I mean soon.

Alright, onto the Powers!

War Prophet - In his former life as Eligos, he had the ability to foretell the future when it came to matters of war. It is said that he was summoned by military leaders to give them an edge in battle. Essentially, Eligos knew which side would be victorious. In this life time he can no longer predict the outcome of wars, but he can accurately predict the outcome of fights.

The Horse Whisperer - As Eligos he was the owner of a horse known as the Steed of Abigor. According to the legend, the horse had been in the Garden of Eden, but died soon after the fall of man. It is stated that either Beelzebub, or Lucifer used dark magic to resurrect the decomposing horse. Filled with dark energy the horse became wild, and the only one who could tame it was Eligos. In this life time, Eric has the ability to tame the most troublesome, and wild of horses. For some reason they seem to calm down in his presence, and will do what he wants.

The Seeds of Discord - Similar to fellow demon Andras, Eligos also had the ability to plant the seeds of discord in people. This was a slow process, that would eventually grow and fester into a dooming rage. Today, Eric can still do it, but the results are not like they used to be. For one thing, a person might be able to notice that something is off. Those with strong wills are also immune to this, and finally, the ability is actually simple to counteract. All one has to do is think of something happy, but Eric won't tell them that.

Anyway, his app can be read here

[31 Aug 2012|08:30pm]

Sup, lovelies! Had an emotional day (some really fantastic things happened to a deserving co-worker [he gets to go to Cancun; he's a jeweler and so amazing and such a nice guy and hard-worker and really deserved to win! I clapped for him so hard my hands were aching and red and I'm still giddy from the news!] and my co-worker BFF got a better, high-paying job and I was so happy for her [but sad because kgjdkjdf omg ;;]) and am a little heat sick because my friend has a crappy car with no AC. Blah blah blah, gushing over here. BACK ON TRACK! Jae here fulfilling a request for the awesome and lovely Miri, giving you Bia.

Known in this life as Jordan Fox (fraternal twin of Carlile Fox) and younger sister to Allegra Fox who should be joining them soon. ;; Also, Val's partner-in-crime. Pretty much these girls have ~SANDBOX LOVE~. Her full app is here for the interested.

TL;DR version
✚ 19 years old
✚ Feel free to have your characters know of her, she's in a band and has done some touring with them and has played in town quite a bit
✚ Bisexual with a preference for the ~ladies
✚ Music undergrad - bass guitar; CLUBS - MMA, LGBT & Music and very into Women's Rights
✚ works pt @ The Siren's Song, which I will be putting up a thing for soon
✚ dresses like trashy rockstar royalty
✚ pretty much a bitch

COMPULSION: For non-reincarnates, a touch from Bia will compel them to do something - usually something highly irrational or slightly out of character (though nothing extreme like murder, suicide, etc). Reincarnates can be affected, but only if they're weak-willed and have compulsion issues in the first place.

FORCE: Force is one of the first things that comes to mind about Bia in mythology, so naturally Bia has a power dedicated to force. Not only is she a force to be reckoned with (see what I did there? hurr hurr) due to her own physical strength (she's stronger than your average person, but not on Herculean levels), but she can grant others temporary strength if she so chooses. Someone's strength boost would last up to an hour tops.

And that is all I can think of that might be important right now. 8D Feel free to throw any and all of your kiddos at me! This girl could use fans, friends and enemies!

Did somebody say Qailertetang? [31 Aug 2012|08:05pm]

Hey guys! Aura here, and this is Carlile Fox, also known as Qailertetang (Qail for the people who, unlike me, want to remain sane). There are a lot of things to say about her, but the most important is:

Yes you are, sweetie.

Um, anyway! She has a twin (fraternal, not indentical) in Jordan Fox (Bia), who is going to be comeing along soon, and her older sister, Allegra Fox (Clytemnestra), who has been here all the time.

Her app is here.

The one important reason for your characters to know about her is that about a month or so she made it big on the news when she made a mini storm appear inside of a classroom in the middle of an important exposition, due to having her then boyfriend literally kicking her out of the closet. Oops. So she didn't just get outted, she got expelled and the world at large got to know she was a reincarnate, something she had tried to keep quiet. And gay to boot. Carlile is good at denial, but there's little she can do now about that.

As the gif might have hinted, she's...a bit emotional, which is not healthy at all and sooner or later will come to bite her in the ass, but that's another issue for another time. I wrote quite a bit about her powers in the app, so I'm not going to paste them here, but the important thing to remember is that Carlile, contrary to what almost every reincarnate does, tries to use them as little as possible; she can't help to be attracted to the sea though, and so she's majoring in Marine Biology, no specialization in mind yet. Fun times!

She's another fresh meat (I need to app people with background...), so if anyone wants to plan anything, be my guest. She's been around for most of the vacation time though, so there you go.

plot event -- please read! [31 Aug 2012|08:57pm]


Godlings, if you ever felt you were safe in your own town, you should have doubted this long ago. Montenegro may feel like your safe haven, but never underestimate the anger of non-reincarnates. At 5pm on the 3rd, a protest is going to run down Georgia St. Strange cars from out of town will show up downtown and non-reincarnates will flood the street protesting against the existence of you. Protesters will come with signs and with banners. And they will come with anger and disgust.

The protest will begin on Georgia, but extend out into other streets as police barricades attempt to cut the protesters off. There will be violence. There will be vandalism. Angry protesters may invade your stores or throw bricks in your windows. School buildings may be broken into or vandalized. Should you feel courageous enough to brave the protest, do take care. This protest will be sparked by a post we will hopefully be able to stick up before the 2nd!

Rumors of a protest will be circulating after this OOC post. Whispers of something going down on Labor Day, but no one is really sure what. A parade? A protest? But of what, at what time? It's hard to say. As a result of this town event, school will be postponed until the 10th. Expect a post from the school president! Be afraid, reincarnates.

And remember to lock your doors.

[30 Aug 2012|07:20pm]

I'm sorry guys! I haven't been trying to neglect anyone (sometimes I swear just beat me on the head, flood me with emails and poke me!) I've been in the middle of transitioning between jobs. I literally put in a shorter than 2 week notice, ended one job and the very next day started the new one. It's not new to me, but the computer systems and stuff is all new and getting used to. It's also full-time when I've been part time for years now. So that's an adjustment. Today was my first day off since the week and a half transition or whatever. Mentally, I don't think I've even been able to recognize I'm somewhere new, I still think I should be walking into my own job.

So, please excuse my lack of availability the last week or so! I am still very interested in plots and things. SO HIT ME UP! PLEASE! Jill, I'm getting back to our Thetis/Peleus log. And I want to get the ball rolling again. Just keep being patient with me I'm just trying to feel my way around and get used to new schedules and stuff. The other day (my second day) was on my own completely and there for 10 hours! Whew.


[29 Aug 2012|02:24pm]
so wow, sheli failure here, but following merlin's drop i had sat down and looked through my characters with absolute intent to decipher how i might be able to urge them on into productivity. long story short, i came to the conclusion that two of mine had hit their metaphorical walls and i was not capable of saving them. this was a big deal and i'm v v sorry to everyone for this as well, however both bakeneko and lucifer have been dropped. it was a matter of that i could either try to squeeze the life out of them (forcing them into pathetic excuses of what they had once been) or i could let them leave with dignity.

this was not an easy decision, i still have feels over it, so i'm turning off the commenting.

again, i'm so sorry.

mod note - PLEASE READ [28 Aug 2012|10:28pm]


Dearest players, the mods have been putting their heads together to re-evaluate the game and the plot it is meant to run on. At the moment, our plot is event-based, revolving around the fact that the town is fighting against the influx of reincarnates. However, we've come to a conclusion that this isn't enough as a once-a-month deal.

So we are asking what you guys would like to see in terms of overall plot. We have a general idea we've been toying with, but would prefer to hear from you guys first. Our idea so far revolves around the identity of reincarnates, their place in the world, and how people should be reacting to them. But we don't wish to go any further than that before hearing your ideas!

Whether it's just for a feel (i.e. "I want things to get darker") or a plot idea, we welcome them all. Comments are screened!

[26 Aug 2012|09:17pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Errybody, meet Shax.

1. You can call him Paul. Or Beverly, but depending on how well he knows you, he'll probably prefer one or the other.
2. He's currently shacked up with Dionysus. In a very platonic sleepover sort of way.
3. He tends bar at the Empty Orchestra-Ya.
4. If you frequent this bar, he's probably tried to hug you more than once.
4a. It's not just because he's naturally affectionate (which he is, he's a very huggy/kissy sort of person).
4b. It's because one of his powers is momentary sensory deprivation. Which means a hug from him could likely deafen a person or cause blindness that lasts for a few minutes or so.
5. He's stolen a lot more than he'll ever let on to anyone. Will try to pick someone's pocket if they're not what he would consider a friend.
6. Business major. Kind of late to the game. Gives no fucks.

TL;DR: Snuggly demonic thief who may or may not talk your character's ear off. Who wants one?

Oh, and because Kerrin asked so nicely,

here's a kiss )

♥ K.

[26 Aug 2012|09:26pm]

venus here, spamming ur ooc asylum~ new char here.

to keep it short:
• cliodhna, queen of the banshees. named colette montagne.
• got swept away when she fell asleep on the beach waiting for her mortal lover
• french, grew up in nice
• lower middle-class/working class family
• business management student, undergrad; fashion design minor
• works at a tea parlor called the teacup in collegetown
• lives with sigyn if that's still ok, miri???
• bisexual, has had bfs and gfs
• her power means she can sense death within a 50mile radius. the closer they are, the stronger the feeling. if they're right next to her, it feels like she got sucked in the gut.
• in fashion club, business society

needs exes, relatives, friends, anything! im really tired right now ._.

[26 Aug 2012|08:55pm]

It's Kerrin with her new character, Odin/Austin Reese. I've told you all about him in extras, but here it is again. He's been at Monte U. for awhile and is getting his PhD now in religious studies, but he's been here since undergrad. He works at Get Bent Yoga Studio, and can be seen at all of the yoga club meetings.

Strengths: Intelligent, Athletic, Loyal
Weaknesses: Lustful (has very difficult time resisting), Flirt, Know it All

The Dead: Odin can talk to the dead to question them and be able to learn from their wisdom. He has to have met the person before they died in order for this power to work. Due to the nature of this power, it is his only one.

I made a chart, mainly for myself of people he knows/slept with. If I got something wrong tell me, because this took awhile and mistakes were bound to happen! Also if you want to BE added to a list, let me know :)

Pot Smoking Friends: Anteros, Helenus, Enyo, Malphas

Friends with Benefits: Nimue, Helenus

Friends: Iris: Renpet, Persephone, Arthur, Mordred

Fling: Aphrodite, Erato, Hermes, Asmodeus, Halphas, Amphi

Weekend meme times [25 Aug 2012|12:55am]

[ mood | bouncy ]


1) Post with your characters
2) Other players go here and create a drabble using your character and someone elses'
3) Let the craziness commence
4) Have fun~

Feel free to spam my inbox, I'm looking forward to reading all of these~

[22 Aug 2012|09:33pm]


Because, really, what’s the point in Heracles if you can’t indulge in a little gratuitous shirtlessness?

Anyway, yes, this is Erin with her second character, Heracles! In this life, he is Sean, the oldest Hart sibling, following his brothers to their school. He’s 24, a freshman business major who has spent the past 6 years of his life travelling places and seeing stuff and becoming a better person and junk. He spent most of his life as a fairly douche-y Golden Boy athlete, but his travels have broadened him some and taught him the value of other people’s experiences and all that jazz. Also, he realized he was Heracles while holding a baby lion in Africa. So, realizing he had once been the Protector of Man caused him to grow up to a certain extent as well.

He’s still a major athlete (he’ll be playing varsity basketball, doing jr varsity track and MMA), and can still be insanely impulsive, loud and speak before thinking, so I’m sure all sorts of people will become familiar with him quickly! Also, if your car breaks down, he can drag it back to your dorm for you because his powers are as follows...

Strength: Come on. He’s Heracles. It would be absurd if this wasn’t one of his strengths. Granted, Sean probably isn’t capable of literally holding the world on his shoulders these days, but he’s been known to hunker down and lift an Escalade up on two wheels so one of his buddies can check out what’s going on underneath. Now, this is a semi-controlled power – Sean has to be trying to achieve a great feat of strength, he’s not going to accidentally crush someone’s hand while shaking it or anything like that.

Valour: Strictly speaking, “valour” translates to “courage, especially in military battle”. In Sean’s case, he is physically not able to nor does he have the desire to back down from a fight. Or a challenge. Or needing to make the final basket in the last ten seconds of the basketball game. Or, really, anything that could later be deemed as “epic” while telling the story.

Sex Appeal: Whether or not this is an actual power or simply a combination of Sean’s ability to lift a car onto two wheels along with something he made up in his head… that is something that is up for debate. Maybe it’s just that confidence is sexy. But Heracles attracted men and women left, right and centre everywhere he went and Sean tends to do the same. He’s a little dismayed about the “men” part of that statement.

He needs everything - friends, flirtations, people he met during his world travels, worshippers, people who wish he could walk without sounding like a herd of elephants, etc etc... THROW IT AT ME!

the queen is here. [22 Aug 2012|09:29pm]


this is poppy griffiths! she is 24, an english graduate student who works at the library. her older sister magnolia will hopefully be kicking around soon. she grew up in a very stepford wife piece of suburbia and was kicked out of her house for being a reincarnate in her senior year of college. thus she ended up transferring to montenegro and is entirely self-sufficient! thank you scholarships and loans ^^ she's a very bubbly, friendly girl with her bouts of kindness but she's also got a selfish streak and doesn't tend to think things through when she does them sometime. she's also dealing with a lot of guilt from her past life but she's trying her best to deal with that by pretending it never happened and running away from it as much as possible. fun!

she's now in her second year of the graduate program and her specialty is medieval literature which means she's been reading a lot of sir thomas malory and do not get her started on him. he's not exactly sensitive to her situation :P academic discussion she can do, but she can get a little defensive otherwise. she is also editor-in-chief of the clarion so that should net her a ton of buddies! she should have lots of friends who know her but don't really know her - part of what guinevere was, was a diplomat and a mediator, so she knows how to work people into that kind of thing. which now brings me to her two powers...
being the loveliest lady in the land, guinevere always looks attractive to other people. always. they may not necessarily be attracted to her but even if she's covered in mud and donkey crap, she looks pretty good. there's no such thing as a bad picture of her. she doesn't really know that this power exists and it's more of an effect than anything. she can't really turn it off!

and the second thing is sort of like the queen's command. she has a way of being able to convince people to do what she asks them to, like asking lancelot to leave and rescue her later to save himself, asking sir méléagant to spare the lives of the knights of the round table when he kidnapped her, or asking arthur to spare another's life, etc. you might notice these are all men - because of the concept of chivalry, men feel a slightly stronger pull to be obedient to her whims. you can shake it off but the compulsion is still there. she is a queen.
she needs tons of girlfriends, an ex-boyfriend or two, maybe some people who don't like her at all XD i want all of it! whatever you can think of

[22 Aug 2012|01:19pm]

Instead of toying with the idea for another month, I decided I'm going to drop Sussitanako. Her voice kind of left and was heavily replaced by Maya. She didn't have too many lines and if need be feel free to try to create them with any of my others; Horus and Maya being the most friendly.


END OF EVENT [22 Aug 2012|12:02am]


Dearest godlings, the event is now over. At the stroke of midnight, everyone will be able to speak normally, except for those who were not affected in the first place.

Please remember our upcoming AC on the 1st, and be sure to check the dorms page as it's been shifted again for a final time. Once again, if anyone would like these third floor RA (Resident Assistant) positions, please drop us a line in the modbox and we'll consider your character.

names list [21 Aug 2012|09:23am]

just another source i made... if you guys could take a look and make sure your character's names are on this, i'd appreciate it!

since i'm learning character names still, this helps me make sure i don't pick a name already in-game ^^

Hel-lo. [20 Aug 2012|12:28am]

Hi, all.

This is Adam.

You may know him from best-sellers like the Bible.

The only person he knows at Montenegro is Eve, whom he was neighbors with during their childhood. He's looking forward to meeting everyone else. he's scared of apples, gets sad around gardens, can't stand anything long and flaming, and friggin' hates snakes.

He's also studying to be a lawyer. (I know, right?)

His powers are:

First and Foremost: Adam always wins competitions that are won by being the 'first' to do something, as long as he had a chance to begin with. He can't, say, beat Ares in a fight, or Hermes in a race, but if he could conceivably best someone in anything in which one has to be 'first', he will, even if they're Olympic athletes, for example.

Getting His Way: Adam tends to get his way. He's charming, unapologetic, and thoroughly insufferable, but he still manages to convince people --especially women-- that he should get what he wants. This power doesn't work very well on incarnates or non-mortals, but normal mortals bend like reeds in the wind.

Prime Specimen: Adam's in prime physical health. In fact, he's always been in prime physical health. He's as healthy as a man of his age can possibly be; healthier, even. Every test comes back perfect. There is nothing wrong with him at all. It's uncanny. Doctors his entire life have been baffled by his total lack of physical problems. He still gets sick, mind you, but he recovers with startling alacrity, and even incurable mortal diseases don't tend to last too long. (...supernatural afflictions, on the other hand.)

This is also my first character here, so I should introduce myself! I'm Manu, short for Manuel. I'm from so far down South that when I flush the toilet, the water goes the other way! (Gasp!) I really like to push my characters to their limits and I absolutely do not hold back IC. Also, my being here is Jill's fault.

Just sayin'.

Hit me up for scenes and I'll have his first journal entry up soon. Looking forward to having some fun with you guys.

untz untz [19 Aug 2012|10:02pm]


HEY BABIES~ This is Paris, the one who fucked over Troy. ISN'T HE CUTE. He's Benoit Levesque in this life, loving big brother to Echo/Avery, and Galahad who will come in soons. A quick run-through of his life: he was born in Paris (lol originality), grew up in Martinique, went to UCLA for French and Linguistics, graduated then traveled Europe, came back to UCLA for two years of grad school, then transferred here for third year (but he has to repeat a semester because luls not all of his credits could transfer). He's fluent in French~ and he has the lightest of accents on certain words. (For anyone curious, his username means "cowardly" in Greek~)

His abilities are:

NICE AIM - He has impeccable aim. He rarely ever misses, but sometimes he does, depending on the weather or the circumstances. Overall, he's just very talented with a bow.

OUR PRINCE OF BEAUTY - He's always been attractive, and he always manages to remain attractive, even when he's covered in dust or soot or mud, or if he's just woken up. Paris was the pretty boy of Troy and remains pretty in this life as well.

PROTECTOR OF MEN - When someone is in trouble, he is duty-bound to help them, no matter how cowardly he is. His feet with move on their own, and he'll be there to lend a hand in a matter of seconds.

He's going to be working at the Sportsman Club, and will be on the archery team! And in the club.

TROJANS~ COME TO ME. I like tildes today~ Oh, and because it's too soon, he's not affected by the event.

Ladies, contain your orgasms... [20 Aug 2012|03:32am]


This handsome human being here is Sang Min Sagong, Tanuki's most fabulous of all fabulous cousins and the incarnate of Amatsu-Mikaboshi. He goes by his nickname "Sam" most of the time and will be brand spanking new to the madness that is Montenegro. However, he knows some of you already. For example Faye and his cousin Minjung.

Here some facts about him:
- only child of a business man and his wife (deceased)
- is 21, majors in Business and minors in Sociology
- moved to America when he was 17
- has quite an...intense relationship with his step-sister
- he flirts, like, ALL THE TIME and WITH EVERYONE
- can't take jokes about himself and has quite an anger management problem
- more can be found here

His powers are the following:
Le powers )

I'll crawl into my bed now...

[19 Aug 2012|08:36pm]

Hey, guys! Jae with another girl (and all is right with the world again!). This time bringing you Xi Shi; goddess of perfume, face creams and make-up; legendary beauty who distracted some dude from keeping up with his political duties and then e'rythang went to shit according to plan. In this life she is Sun Yeol Moon, the baby sister of the adorable Chang'e.

♬ Brand new to the country and this school. Music undergrad, focusing on the violin. (She's had English lessons, though, so ...)
♬ She's pretty vain & manipulative. Whups.
♬ But if you can get past that she's pretty nice, loyal and other stuff.
♬ I'm rushing through this so I can watch True Blood before my bedtime.

DISTRACTION: Xi Shi’s beauty was a cause for great distraction that fish forgot to swim and Fu Chai neglected his courtly duties – Sun Yeol has been gifted with something similar in this life. While fish don’t forget to swim and people don’t forget their daily responsibilities to the point of their own destruction, people tend to do double takes with Sun Yeol around. This is especially true for non-reincarnates. Anyone admiring Sun Yeol’s beauty might find themselves walking into a door or being slapped by their girlfriend for an unapologetic head turn.

LOOKING HOT, SMELLING GOOD: A goddess of face creams, cosmetics, perfumes and largely known for looking good whether fat, skinny, heavily made up or natural; Sun Yeol has maintained the ability to always look nice to the beholder even if she’s all sweaty and red in the face from coming from the gym. No one can ever accuse her of smelling awful, either as she ALWAYS smells nice. What she smells like, depends on the person near her – for example, if someone’s favorite scent is cinnamon, she would smell like cinnamon to them. If another person’s favorite smell was pizza, well … she’d smell like pizza. :|
♬ Works at The Black Mountain B&B (seasonal) and The Regal Movie Theater.
♬ Will be in the following clubs: Music, Culinary, Ballroom Dancing and Yoga.

And because I forgot to whore myself out in monte_extras for this one: SHE WILL NEED FRIENDS! So friends? Girls that are jelly of her? People that worship the ground she walks on? People for her to manipulate? Future boyfriends? People who want to use her for infiltration purposes? idec, give me all you have.

hip-hop dance team auditions. [18 Aug 2012|02:21pm]


hi guys ^^ sorry this is late, i was working on my painting. yesterday from 2-6 PM in one of the dance rooms was the hip-hop club's dance team auditions. basically, everyone was taught two pieces. with 15 minute breaks every hour and 15 mins? i think that comes out to two breaks. in the last thirty minutes, everyone was broken up into groups to perform the pieces they learned. the groups were about five people. hathor and another dance team member (maybe sekhmet, if you want, aura?) taught the dances.

information under the cut~ )

the teams will be posted asap. comment here with how your chars did and feel free to thread-hop to plot funny things that happened. maybe someone bumped into someone else or tripped, or maybe they had a good conversation during the break!

achtung! [18 Aug 2012|02:00pm]


A couple of people seem to be looking for roomies or at least would like some off-campus, so here is the list of residences! Keep in mind most houses/flats only allow up to three tenants. If you'd like a roomie, fill out the following teeny form (and then people will comment to you ♥):

[18 Aug 2012|12:03pm]

Hello! This is Nye. And this is Yu Jin.

She is also Chang'e. She was as curious as Pandora, and it got her a one way ticket to the moon.

Yu Jin was born in Korea to Korean parents then moved to China, Hunchun to be specific. Both parents work, and they are a lower class family. She has a younger sister who will join her soon. They get along when they get along, don't when they don't. Typical sister stuff. Her life has been pretty normal despite what a couple of her powers can do to her. She realized who she was when chasing a hare. She is a grad student (3rd year) studying Astronomy, and is a TA in the intro/gen ed Astronomy classes. She also works part-time at the Black Mountain Bed & Breakfast. She needs a roommate or two, which she will be asking about in game. She's been here since freshman year, so feel free to know her. Sheli, Bakeneko can still be an ex-boyfriend, yes? And she will be friends with the people already talked about on [info]monte_extras.

For the personality side of things, Yu Jin is friendly, outgoing, and very much thinks like this:

She's seen a lot of romantic comedies/dramas in her day. She's also curious like crazy, hangs on to people/clingy, and can be selfish and jealous about objects and people. Yu Jin likes to be in a crowded room, but she's constantly wondering what they think of her. Also, she gets a bit lonely when not around people. And her biggest fear is dying.

As for her powers:
GLOWING: Yu Jin glows. It's a whitish glow, like the moon in the dark sky. People can only see her glow in dark places like a darkened room or at night. The lighter the darkness is, the harder it is to see it.

FLOAT ON: She can also float. It's only after she eats. She can't float far away like she did before, but she will hover two feet off the ground. She can also walk while floating, it's just harder to do than having feet on solid ground. It will take her an hour after eating for her to come back down.

BEAUTY: Yu Jin can make others beautiful for 24 hours. This happens through touch and people have to ask her for it, and she doesn't ask for anything in return. However, she doesn't gloat about this power, but there are a few people she will tell, so word can spread. After she touches someone, the person will become a more beautiful version of themselves. Blemishes, cuts, moles, a crooked nose, anything that might distract from the person's beauty will disappear or be repaired for those 24 hours.
You can read more about her at your local library. Actually, you can read more about her here. (You can read more about Chang'e at your local library if you want. :D)

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