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November 10th; Video [21 Nov 2012|10:57am]

Itachi greets the MollyNet with a fiercely disapproving look on his face. As a girl, his face hasn’t changed that much. His bone structure is more refined, his lashes a little longer, and his lips a little fuller. He reminds himself guiltily of his mother, but, for now, he conjures his father’s look of stern reproof.

“I’m sure everyone’s very aware by now of the division between the two groups that have changed this week.” Itachi glares. “All I have to say about this is, if anyone is contemplating virgin sacrifices, they had best be prepared to burn on their own altars.”

There’s a screech behind him, and Itachi twists his face away with suddenly wide eyes. The screen shudders and becomes a blur of color as something keeps making high-pitched noises, then something intelligible.

“Itachi, Itachi, what’s that? It’s all up, is it--” The sound cuts off as a small hand clamps over the screen.

intro | video; November 11th [12 Nov 2012|01:48am]

There's shuffling as the commlink is set up. Hands come into view, calloused but slender, and pull back to settle between the knees of a boy--young man, with dark hair and dark eyes.

He looks intently forward for a moment before speaking.

"I know we have to work to earn our way home," he says, quietly. His eyes flick to the side and back to the commlink. "But what if I don't want to go back?"

[Video November 5th] [09 Nov 2012|04:10pm]

Garrett smiles easily, Thunder nosing around behind him as he speaks.

"I was wondering if anyone would be interested in self defense lessons. I can teach hand-to-hand, blades, or a bow and arrow. Also how most effectively to kick someone in the groin and run screaming. I'm living by the stable on the grounds."

Garrett looks immensely pleased with himself, and Thunder noses Garrett's shoulder. "I also wouldn't mind a more advanced sparring partner. If I'm going to be in a place with people from many worlds, then I should try to learn as much as possible."

Garrett fiddles with his commlink, frowning as he tried to remember how to shut it off. Thunder reaches forward with an open mouth, then the screen goes black. There's an ominous crack before the video feed cuts out.

[Video] Help! [20 Oct 2012|05:21pm]

A blue-haired boy wearing loose-fitting blue pants and t-shirt holds his communication device as far as possible away from himself, looking into it with a worried look on his face. He's wearing a pair of blue earrings that serve as his control, but there is something around his neck: a simple soft blue ribbon rather than a collar.

He speaks roughly, as if there's something wrong with his throat. Anyone who has spoken to him before knows that this isn't normal: it only happens when he overuses his voice or is very stressed out.

He holds up what looks like a teddy bear, except the thing has stuffing spilling out of it from a long gash.

"Does anyone know how to sew? I dropped Pooky in the common room and I came back and he was... like this."

[Accidental Video] October 5th [09 Oct 2012|09:53am]

The screen flickers on. Apparently Izumo has just laid his CommLink on the table; the view is fixed and his hands are bare. He sits down in the middle of the room, and starts folding his hands through signs. His face is quiet, his attention focused deeply inward. As he works a patch of air begins to ripple, and when he pauses, hands held in a certain sign, the image appears.

It's a tall man, with a weathered scarred face and yakuza tattoos wreathed down his arms. )

Event: Uchiha Shisui Backstory [18 Sep 2012|09:27pm]

Stupidly long block of text this way! )

Leaked Backstory: Uchiha Itachi : September 7th [12 Sep 2012|10:08pm]

Born into a world filled with violence, where mercenary assassins whose services are sold by villages called ninja are common place, Itachi struggled with a soft heart and pacifists soul. The ninja that populated his world were born with amazing powers that allowed them to cause massive destruction and easily control or kill those less powerful. Itachi was born during a war to a clan that prized fighting skill above all else and possessed a feared power that rested in their eyes and allowed them to mimic any movement seen or control those who looked into their eyes. Instead of being raised by his parents, Itachi was given into the care of his younger cousin, a bastard and Itachi’s clans rising star. Shisui became Itachi’s best friend--the most loved and treasured person in his life. Through the horrors of war, Itachi came to despise violence, but, when the war ended, his clan forced him into the Academy for ninja, setting him on the path to be a killer.

Lalalalaaaa )

September Event: Balfour's backstory [11 Sep 2012|09:38pm]

Balfour was born to a wealthy family in the countryside, nobles with great aspirations, great plans for both of their sons. They gave him everything in hopes that he would grow up right, would take on the role they wanted for him.

Balfour was a disgrace to their family, however, too weak, too soft to fulfill their dreams. He insisted on wasting family money rather than stepping forward into the military role they had chosen for him, a lieutenant in the army. He wasted time and money, bringing no real value to the family name, only shame.

Only shame. It was planned, even, for him to replace his brother, take his place when he was chosen as an Airman, a dragon rider. He was jealous of his brother, of his place among the dragon-riders of his country, and before long, he did take his place, acting very much like he didn’t want it.

And Balfour? He was a good actor, growing up in a noble family. He had to be, to convince everyone that he was just a good boy, a sweet, kind boy who missed his brother.

The truth was, he hated his brother and wanted to be him, wanted to take his place.

He got what he wanted.

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