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[23 Sep 2016|04:20pm]

Who: Death & Open
What: Coffee in the mess hall. (Quick starter! Because I'm going into work.)
When: 09/23, around noon.
Where: In the mess hall.
Rating: I will applaud anyone if this gets above PG-13.

Mocha Mocha Cappuccino. )
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[20 Sep 2016|01:49am]

Characters: Phantom and Onslaught
Location: his room
Time: evening, a few days ago
Summary: many feels of sadness
Status: Complete
Warnings: language

the ouchies )
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I get high with a little help from my friends [18 Sep 2016|03:22pm]

Characters: Chaosbomb. Onslaught. [OPEN TO WHOEVER WANTS TO JOIN IN!]
Location: Onslaught's room
Time: sunday evening
Summary: Chase has finished his happy/high bomb. Potential hilarity to ensue.
Status: In progress
Warnings: If applicable
I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends )
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[13 Sep 2016|01:22am]

Characters: Chase and Nessie
Location: her new room
Time: monday, late afternoon
Summary: catching up, Talking
Status: in progress
Warnings: low

more awkwardness ahoy )
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[11 Sep 2016|07:58pm]

Characters: Backlash, Onslaught, Gemini, Blitz, Dragon, Phantom, Medium (NPC)
Location: A warehouse in Pittsburgh, PA
Time: Tuesday, September 13th from 7:00pm onward
Summary: Alpha Team is captured while on a mission
Status: In progress
Warnings: Violence, language
Mission Details )
Notes: Every character who was officially signed up for participation must have at least one tag in this scene. This will be a free-for-all format, meaning that there is no set tagging order. Since characters will be working as a team, please do not subdivide the thread into several small groups, but rather continue in the comment chain. Involved players should track this post so they're aware of new tags and developments. Handlers may participate in limited capacity, but they will be physically at Purgatory in the command center on sub-basement 1 and only able to participate from a distance. Handlers may have a separate thread to react to the events after the abductions. Characters may react IC to the Alphas' disappearance as early as late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. This post is for Alpha team member participation only. The Echo rescue mission post will go up on Tuesday.
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[10 Sep 2016|02:27pm]

On Saturday morning, September 10th, Isabella Sciuto awoke from her coma. After a thorough medical examination, she was whisked away for interrogation. She proved to be an unexpectedly cooperative subject, providing names and locations for notable criminal activities affiliated with her family's associates.

This intel will be investigated in the coming weeks by agents of the Ghost Corps. She ended the examination by requesting to join the Ghost Corps, and her in-processing is in progress. By Monday, she will be in the Graveyard for further evaluation.

A request was put through by the Assistant Director himself to have Divya Kapoor, alias Tesla, transferred to another Ghost Corps facility. The transfer was completed on Friday, September 9th.
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[07 Sep 2016|10:16pm]

Characters: Ares and OPEN
Location: Sub-Basement 2
Time: 9/7/16, Afternoon
Summary: Brooding between missions
Status: Incomplete/complete/in progress
Warnings: tbd
The Hell with the World )
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[01 Sep 2016|09:18pm]

Characters: Dragon & OPEN
Location: Subbasement 2
Time: 09/01/16 @ 17:00
Summary: Dragons Like Saunas
Status: In progress
Warnings: TBD

Marcus felt little more than the blunt edge of callousness )
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[31 Aug 2016|11:08pm]

Characters: Leah Steele and Brandon Calhoun
Location: Boomers in Fallon
Time: Wednesday evening
Summary: Leah needs a drink and she likes having someone around to watch her back when she's not at her best.
Status: In progress
Warnings: Drinking?
It seemed like a good night for a drink...
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[31 Aug 2016|08:43pm]

Characters: Gabriel de Vries, open
Location: The practice range
Time: Wednesday evening
Summary: Practice and conversation
Status: In progress

The best cure for the body is a quiet mind. )
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[30 Aug 2016|03:31pm]

At approximately 6:30pm local time, August 30th, 2016, the Romeo team returned from its most recent mission with mixed results. While technically a success in that it resulted in the capture of their target, they lost four members in the process, and the tank lost most of their memories of the event. It was the biggest single loss the team had faced in years. The target, Isabella Sciuto, was placed in the clinic for observation and treatment of a bullet wound sustained during her capture due to friendly fire, which rendered her indefinitely unconscious. Guards were placed at her bedside for round the clock monitoring and were alerted to her two known powers of shapeshifting and power mimicry.

Handlers were the first to be alerted of the Romeo team's recent vacancies, and the discussion began of which candidates might qualify for transfer into those positions. Handlers had until the end of the day to volunteer which of their supers might potentially fit on the team, based on their abilities and records. The transfers were considered high priority, to be completed no later than September 1st.

OOC note: Currently signed up to transfer into the Romeo team are Siren, Pixie, and Charon. The Surveillance slot remains open.
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[29 Aug 2016|03:46pm]

Who: Elia Rousseau, Dean Armstrong
What: Handling.
When: Monday night.
Where: A dark hallway close-ish to Elia's room.
Rating: Lowish?

The dark whispered and writhed, and she let it carry her along. )
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[28 Aug 2016|08:43pm]

Characters: Annavieve and Gabriel
Location: Nirvana
Time: Sunday Evening - Sunday 8/28
Summary: Watching the original Nightmare On Elm Street on the big screen
Status: In Progress
Warnings: TBD

What is one persons horror is another's comedy )
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OPEN THREAD [28 Aug 2016|02:26pm]

Characters: Dean, ????? (the question marks give an air of mystery, I think!) Open to anyone.
Location: Wet floor, sub-basement 10
Time: Sunday, 11am
Summary: Open thread.
Status: In progress
Warnings: Possibly language?
( In which Dean totally has a life outside of work and everything, it's just that he really likes his job, alright? Damn. )
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[25 Aug 2016|05:01pm]

Characters: Chase and Nessie
Location: her room/around? tbd
Time: Friday afternoon
Summary: hang time
Status: In progress
Warnings: tbd probably low

Let's hang! )
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[22 Aug 2016|10:53am]

Characters: Reaper and Who
Location: The morgue
Time: A little less than a month ago, nighttime (backdated)
Summary: Reunited for the first time
Status: In progress
Warnings: They're creepy. TW: includes an unborn baby.
Whoever this was, they had a dead body with them...
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thread. [21 Aug 2016|11:22pm]

Characters: Chase (Chaos) and Vanessa (Siren)
Location: Common room.
Time: Backdated to late March/early April - during Chase's first week at Haven.
Summary: First meeting.
Status: In progress
Warnings: None as of yet - should be fairly tame.
While her possessions were few and far between... )
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[29 Jul 2016|02:35pm]

This is a tag post.
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