Jan. 21st, 2019


Joint drop

Because I had to make my own post too!1! Noe here letting everyone know that JL and me will be letting Quentin and Eliot go. We loved the CR we had with them and who knows, they might end up coming back eventually.

Thanks for everything!


Joint drop

Hi everyone, Robin and Noe here with a note that we've decided to drop Penny and Kady from the game.

Thank you for playing with them and all the fun CR. We are bummed to see them go, but also, should canon not be a complete dumpster fire, they might return again in the future. ♥

Ruining JL's recently updated lists.

Nov. 30th, 2018


of course i post this AFTER mod posts

Noting I'm leaving Lance because a very similar character has eaten up my head and overshadowed him immensely! And when your most important castmates get a most important update and you feel no desire to play it out, clearly something isn't working

This might all change in literally two weeks when the last season drops, but for now, I'd rather focus on the others.

Sep. 21st, 2018



Thanks everyone for playing with Chise, but for now I've decided to drop her. ♥ I'm hoping to do a reread soon and maybe bring her back soon, but in the meantime-- thanks for the CR!

Sep. 12th, 2018


drop (not this account)

My re-read is taking forever and I feel mega shaky with him in the meantime, so I'm sending Ciel back home at least for now. Please comfort Seb in this tragic time, in which he will be allowed to keep cats around and not cater to a brat's every whim.

Mar. 30th, 2018



Today, in 'depressing posts to make'! Robin and I are letting Aramis, Porthos, Victor and Yuuri go back to their respective happy endings in canon.

Expect all of these to return at the very least for 4th walls, we know we are weak. In portamis's case especially, it's been one wild ride and I will treasure their CR forever.

That is all! Expect some app from me soon, because what is this three-characters-total madness even.

Mar. 3rd, 2018


Another app and drop combo

Noe here, bringing in Kady Orloff-Diaz from The Magicians! Her stats are over here and I'll be intro-ing her soon.

On other news and to go with what the title says, Leo Elster will be going home. Thank you for all the CR with him!

Feb. 23rd, 2018


app & drop

Hello! As you'll have noticed, I'm bringing in Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji. Stats are HERE & his intro's HERE.

Sadly I cannot keep up with 200 people so Eliot will be returning home! That is all for now.

Sep. 23rd, 2017


various shenanigans from yours truly

Robin here, with a slew of info for your viewing pleasure. First and foremost, I have a new character here with Penny Adiyodi from The Magicians. Will edit this post to include his stats and intro once they're both up. He'll be showing up in the next log.

In other happy news, Chloe and Porthos are both getting canon updates! Just pretend they disappeared a few days after the fourth wall ended; they'll both be coming back in the next log. Chloe will be updated to the season two finale and Porthos will be updated to 3x09... cause I'm mean.

In less happy news, I've decided to drop Korra. Thank you to everyone for playing with her over the last couple of years. ♥

That's all for now!