April 1st, 2019

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& we are now a musebox

Officially announcing that the game is switching to musebox mode!

What does that mean? Not much, overall. We'll still occasionally have events and such, and the game does continue to use the usual locations and everything built up so far.

The most important aspects are:

- No AC checks any longer.
- No applications needed.
- You may tag logs with whomever you'd like!
- You may join any post even if you're an ex-player, or haven't played with us before.
- Character tags still apply, if you'd like to keep track of your own activity. Simply add them to posts, or ask one of us to add the tag for you if you can't acces it!

That's about it! We'll update later if we figure out new changes or anything of the sort!

[info]miraclemods in [info]miracleooc

Plotting Post - March

This is our monthly plotting post! Here you may propose ideas (for your characters & their CR, or on a more game-wide scale), try to seek out CR for your characters, ask for suggestions for things you'd want to play out or ways to do it, gather participants for specific ideas you might have planned, and so on.

You may also ask us mods about any doubts regarding upcoming events, propose themes for new posts, sort out jar shenanigans, and anything else.

This month's events )

For individual CR and plots, you may use the following template for your characters: