January 6th, 2018

[info]belovedchild in [info]miracleooc

new character!

Hello friends, Robin here with a new character: Chise Hatori from Ancient Magus' Bride. :> I'll be introing her soon-ish, as soon as I set up her account. I'll update here with her stats and whatnot. I'm still feeling really rusty with playing someone new (lmao as always) so please ~be patient with me~ as I learn her voice.

etc etc, we all know the drill. ♥

ETA: Stats are here. For those not as familiar with the canon, if you need any clarification on any points, let me know. :)

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Plotting Post - January

This is our monthly plotting post! Here you may propose ideas (for your characters & their CR, or on a more game-wide scale), try to seek out CR for your characters, ask for suggestions for things you'd want to play out or ways to do it, gather participants for specific ideas you might have planned, and so on.

You may also ask us mods about any doubts regarding upcoming events, propose themes for new posts, sort out jar shenanigans, and anything else.

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For individual CR and plots, you may use the following template for your characters:

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