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Who: Jamie & NPC Tessa, and everyone who shows up to question Tessa
Where: Jamie's house
When: Backdated to March 10th, after sunset
What: Answers and planning
Status: Incomplete

Answers are a wonderful thing )

Who: Karl O'Connor, Marianne O'Connell, mentions of Allaister & Landon, open
What: Meeting. All over again.
When: 10:30 am, March 11
Where: O'Connell's and progressing
Rating/Status: TBA (probably higher rather than lower)/Incomplete

It helped to have an eye in a town where your ex-fiancée had finally settled down. )

Who: Jamie & NPC Tessa, mention of Julian
Where: Jamie's house
When: March 3, 2008
What: Watching over Kin
Status: Complete

Resting and recouping )

Who: NPC Tessa, Bastian, & Jamie
Where: Downtown streets of Mayham, and then Noir
When: Around sunset, March 2, 2008
What: Landing in a place that isn't quite home, and an unwanted bout of unconsciousness. (Continuation from here.)
Status: Incomplete

Read more... )

Who: NPCs (Tessa, Jack, & Linda)
Where: Maine
When: March 1, 2008
What: A Kidnapping, and then a well placed escape
Status: Complete

A Luck Unto Herself. )

Marianne O'Connell [userpic]

Who: Marianne & open
Where: Her bar
When: 9:00 pm, March 1, 2008
What: Working her ass off as usual
Status: Incomplete
Rating: TBA

They weren't supposed to be alone, but she wasn't technically alone.. )

Multiposts are fun

Who: Jamie behind the bar, Julian in a corner - both open for tags
When: Saturday night around midnight until Noir closes
Where: Noir
What: Jamie- bartending; Julian - lurking
Rating: TBA
Status: Incomplete

Two is kind of like a group right? )

Who: Jamie, Ailsa, Bastian, Julian, Parker, Ellesandra, Matt, Kristine, Mari, Logan, & Arianna
Where: Noir
When: Midnight Wednesday
What: A meeting of the masses
Rating: TBA
Status: Incomplete
Special Notes: Map Jamie is showing everyone.
Posting order: Jamie, Ailsa, Bastian, Parker, Kristine, Marianne, Matt, Ellesandra, Logan, Julian

And the people assemble )

Who: Jamie and Marianne
Where: Noir's rooftop
When: late Tuesday night
What: Thinking, Watching
Rating: TBA
Status: Incomplete

Everyone needs fresh air sometimes )

Who: Parker, Bastian and Ailsa
Where: Noir
When: Tuesday night
What: Spying
Rating: R
Status: Incomplete

There's a girl that you might know )

Who: Parker and Kristine
Where: Kristine’s
When: Monday night, around ten o’clock
What: Checking up
Rating: TBA
Status: Incomplete

Stay awake to see a picture perfect moon she'll give me )

Who: Ailsa and Bastian
When: February 3rd, around midnight
Where: The La Croix House
What: The old married couple at home
Rating: Is this really a question anymore? NC-17
Status: Incomplete

I found your fingerprints on a glass of wine... )

Who: Parker and Marianne
When: Friday, early evening
Where: O’Connell’s
What: Meeting
Rating: TBA
Status: Incomplete

Boundaries and Territories )

Who: Parker and open
When: Wednesday night, around 12am
Where: O’Connell’s
Rating: TBA
Status: Incomplete

First and last night of freedom )

Who: Jamie and Ailsa
Where: Noir
When: Wednesday, January 16th, around 8pm
What: A New Vampire in Town
Rating: PG
Status: Complete

So if you meet me have some courtesy, have some sympathy, and some taste. Use all your well-learned politesse or I'll lay your soul to waste... )

Who: Ailsa and Bastian
When: January 9, early evening
Where: Bastian’s house
What: Waking up
Rating: PG-13 *faint*
Status: Complete

Breathe the free air... )

Who: Ellesandra and Jamie
When: January 9, mid afternoon
Where: Jamie’s house
What: An ass kicking
Rating: TBA
Status: Incomplete

Care to explain? )

Who: Ailsa & Matt, then Bastian, Jamie, Marianne, and Julian
When: January 8, 9:00pm
Where: Ailsa’s
What: A Party Exorcism!
Rating: R
Status: Complete

She bought snack food for her exorcism )

Who: Kristine, Open
Where: O'Connell's
When: Tuesday Afternoon
What: Working
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

It was kind of quiet today. )

Who: Jamie and Julian
Where: The church, Sebastian's house briefly, and then to Jamie's place
What: Cleaning up a mess, dropping off a truck, and forgiveness
When: After THIS SCENE
Rating: PG
Status: Complete

The clean up crew. )

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