Marvel: Year One

August 7th, 2014

A Blind Date. Sort Of. @ 08:28 pm


For reasons that even he couldn't make out, Peter had let Harry talk him into a blind date. Mostly to get Harry off of his back about never going out and doing anything fun. Which was a lie. Peter totally did fun things all the time. Science was fun. Taking pictures was fun. Figuring out these cool new powers that he had was fun. But clearly, Harry didn't think so. So, there Peter was, at the Chinese restaurant, waiting for his date to arrive.

Peter sat at the table, checking his watch periodically, part of him hoping that his date would show up, decided that he was way too nerdy looking for them, and then continue on out without even giving Peter a second glance, and he could avoid an hour-and-a-half of awkward small talk.

Small talk really wasn't his thing. Then again, neither was dating. But if it got Harry of of his back, he'd do it.

July 26th, 2014

The streets of New York (open) @ 09:26 pm


It was a perfect summer day and Natasha was on her lunch break from Stark Inc and decided to eat in on a bench in Central Park. It wasn't too hot and the perfect weather gave a lot of people the same idea. She sat quietly and ate her panini while she did some people watching.

June 30th, 2014

Meme: Chance Encounter (Ben and Jan) @ 10:29 pm

Why it may have been counterproductive, Ben still enjoyed a walk in the park and by God he wasn't going to let his new appearance hinder that pastime.

June 13th, 2014

Lousy Tips; open @ 09:29 pm


It was the end of her shift at work, and MJ was sitting down and counting her tips.  Cash-wise?  She made about $34, which was a jip.  She let out a quiet-but-frustrated sigh and pocketed the cash.  Meanwhile, in the back of their shared conscious, Red Sonja wrestled with the concept of paper money.  What good, she wondered, was currency that was made of paper?  If the value of paper was so little, how could currency made of it be worth more?  It was obviously going to take Sonja some time to adjust to this time period.  Although sharing this body was not ideal, she counted herself lucky to not be wholly thrown into a world she was so unfamiliar with.  Having MJ there to help ease her into it was useful.

Which, of course, MJ took was a welcome complement.  Now, if only she could update Sonja on the concept of dating.

June 12th, 2014

(no subject) @ 10:51 am


Wanda had been staying with Jan for about six months now. And while Hank knew about her, he'd never met her. Janet wasn't rushing for Wanda to get out and meet everyone she knew just yet, and just was letting the girl get accustomed to life in the states. She knew that Wanda had been through quite the ordeal before running away to New York, though she didn't pry into what it was. Her and Wanda were getting close, but she didn't want to pressure her into anything. Wanda was very shy, and getting her to come with her to meet Hank today at his lab for lunch was in Jan's mind, a huge accomplishment.

"I think you and Hank will get along very well," she said to Wanda as they made their way to the elevator that led to Hank's lab. "He's a really sweetie-pie. Nothing to worry about. If anything, he's more afraid of me than he will be of you." She laughed. "He's harmless, really. Nicest guy I know, really smart. I think you two will get along really well."

The elevator dinged and the door opened to Hank's lab, and the two women stepped out.

"Hank!" Jan called out. "We're here!"

An offer she can't refuse (Emma) @ 10:27 am


Finals weeks were always the worst for Jean. It made it harder for her to keep her telepathy under wraps, with everyone's minds being a jumbled mess of crazy mixed-up, stressed out thoughts.

Calc final than chemistry. Someone shoot me, please.

Can't go to summer school. My parents are going to kill me.

I hope I get asked to prom. It's still not too late...


Jean wished that she wasn't such a freak. She was sick of the headaches she got from hearing other people's thoughts all the time.

She slammed her locker door shut. The sooner she got out of school and some place quiet, the better.

(no subject) @ 01:50 am


It wasn't often that you found the Avenging Angel just twiddling his thumbs in the park.  He twiddled them at home, usually.  But today, he was in the park.  The bench was a suitable spot for him, though a bit uncomfortable with his wings folded under his clothes.  Maybe she'd have him go for a walk while they talked?  Warren sure hoped so.

June 9th, 2014

Stood up @ 09:03 pm

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Jane looked at her watch for the hundredth time. It was forty-five minutes past the time her date was to have started. She had to face it. He wasn't going to show. A part of her felt relieved, this was a blind date and she had been nervous, but another part felt horrible. She had been stood up and it never felt good.

She now had a choice. Leave or order food and eat alone.