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[info]enchanting_muse: {fic} Bruise Easily | Jack/Nathan

Bruise Easily
By Clarity Scifiroots
Nathan Stark/Jack Carter (additional appearances: S.A.R.A.H., Zoe Carter, Allison Blake)

Adults Only!
: Quietly slide away off the mattress Find my clothing on the bedpost Slowly tiptoe out of this mess As I slip back into last night's dress (oldschool56) one night stand with unexpected partner
: Slash (look at the pairing). Set post-season 2 but no spoilers. Rough consensual sex. (And is it a warning that it isn’t quite a one-night stand?)

Notes: Huge thank-yous to Sowilo and Classics_geek for looks at early versions. Infinite amounts of thanks (and kisses and hugs, first-born, etc.) to Classics_geek for some beta-work and getting me through the final bits. Third- and second- to last scenes were proposed by her in and it’s the only way this actually got done. =D

Posted in 5 sections at my journal (because IJ is so weird with copy/pasting from Word

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Still here. Posting to make sure the comm doesn't get deleted again.

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Comment!Fic

PG & NC17
Both are unbetaed

For [info]slashfictionfan
UST from Nathan, and an oblivious Jack.


For [info]lurkerlynne
Jack, Nathan and a gym. Workout bench, anyone?

Workout )

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Episode 2x06 Noche de Sueños

Noche de Sueños

First aired: 8/14/2007

A toxic spill causes Eureka's residents to share their dreams. Initially the situation is amusing, but turns dire after the spill is discovered to have a lethal attribute.

All discussion for this episode should be done in the comment section of this post.

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Lazy Sunday Mornings

Title: Lazy Sunday Mornings
Author: [info]forcryinoutloud
Rating: PG13
Category: Humor, fluff
Summary:Jack had plans for his first Sunday in Eureka.
Author's Notes: An unbetaed quickie based on the bunny by [info]idle_devil

Lazy Sunday Mornings )

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Here Bunny Bunny Bunny!

Because I know that I, personally, often have trouble coming up with plot bunnies for my stories for the various fandoms I'm in, I thought it might be a fun idea to have a plot bunny post here on the community where community members could suggest ideas for stories they'd like to see written. Jack/Nathan, of course.

So if you have any stray plot bunnies lying around and you'd like to see them get adopted, consider this the Jack/Nathan Bunny Adoption Center. ;) Leave a comment to this post with any bunnies you want to share with the group. Hopefully we'll see some great stories come out of them.

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Failsafe

Title: Failsafe
Author: [info]forcryinoutloud
Rating: NC17
Category: Humor, PWP
Summary: "Oh this is so not good."
Warnings: Season 2 spoilers
Author's Notes: Written for [info]dragonbetween

Also--feel free to repost old Jack/Nathan stories here. We'd like this to be a place to find ALL Jack/Nathan stories that have been written since the first episode of S1 aired.

Failsafe )

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Duck, Duck Goose

First aired: 8/7/2007

Space debris threatens Eureka's existence after it accumulates into a large cloud. Carter investigates in an effort to avert potential disaster.

All discussion for this episode should be done in the comment section of this post.

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Compatibility

Title: Compatibility
Author: [info]forcryinoutloud
Pairing: Jack/Nathan
Category: Absolute PWP
Rating: NC17
Summary: Apparently the scientist that had been running the experiment had thought that creating some type of compatibility machine was just what Eureka needed.
Notes: Many thanks to [info]eviljr for betaing this for me! :)

Compatibility )

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Rules Regarding Posting



1) This is a Jack/Nathan SLASH community, that means only Jack/Nathan SLASH or PRE-SLASH should be posted here--any story that focuses on het, or other pairings stories/art posted here will be removed. Multiple pairings are permitted however they should be background, incidental, or simply a stop on the way to Jack/Nathan. Every story/art should have Jack/Nathan as the MAIN focus.

2) No flaming of any kind. If someone posts a story you don't like, you are free to express that in a calm and adult manner. Insulting someone's story and/or artwork will not be tolerated.

3) ALL stories and artwork must be placed behind an LJ cut. If you do not know how to make an lj cut then I suggest you check out the FAQ section.

4) Stories/Art MUST be labeled properly. Stories with non-con/rape and BDSM are strongly discouraged, however if you feel the need to post that type of fic here there must be warnings in your header for those who would like to avoid them. All pairings, no matter how incidental must be listed--just because a pairing does not squick you does not mean that everyone is okay with reading it.

5) The following warnings must be listed in your header if they are in your story, no exceptions: Non-con/rape, BDSM, Character death, Heavy kink, Genderfuck, Mpreg, May squick (this can include extremely gory fic, disturbing sex scenes etc.)

6) Please follow the header guideline below when posting to the community.

SUBJECT LINE--Please include your title and your name in the subject line of any story/art post.


7) ALL spoilers for season two must be behind an LJ cut and clearly marked as a spoiler! This does not mean placing a spoiler in the text of your cut. No posting "If you've see up until 'X' happened then you're okay". Under warnings just put "Spoilers for season two" or spoilers for a particular episode if it happens to be an episode tag. There WILL be spoilers in the episode discussion posts, please do not contact us complaining you've been spoiled because you decided to skim the comments on one of those posts.

8) We have a list of tags made up and will add to it as necessary. For the time being there are tags there for story ratings and genres. Please USE the tags when posting. All you need to do is click on the tag link in your post and choose the appropriate tags. To choose more than one hold down the control button and click on each tag you wish to add.

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Afilliate!

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Ask The Mods!

If you have any questions about the community--what is and isn't allowed to be posted, etc., this is the place to ask them.

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Favorite Moments

Jack Carter )

Nathan Stark )

But we all know the real story with Jack and Nathan.

The Real Story )

Spoilers for Season Two in comments!!!

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Episode 2x04 Games People Play

First aired: 7/31/2007

After receiving a hit to the head, Carter finds that he is in a parallel Eureka. He discovers that the residents of the parallel Eureka are disappearing.

All discussion for this episode should be done in the comment section of this post.

Mon, Aug. 6th, 2007, 08:20 pm
[info]forcryinoutloud: Episode 2x03 Unpredictable

First aired: 7/24/2007

An isolated deep freeze trigger causes a chain reaction of sudden weather changes in Eureka.

All discussion for this episode should be done in the comment section of this post.

Mon, Aug. 6th, 2007, 08:19 pm
[info]forcryinoutloud: Episode 2x02 Try, Try Again

First aired: 7/17/2007

Carter requests Stark's help after Fargo accidentally activates a personal force field -- causing mayhem.

All discussion for this episode should be done in the comment section of this post.

Mon, Aug. 6th, 2007, 08:15 pm
[info]forcryinoutloud: Episode 2x01 Phoenix Rising

First aired: 7/10/2007

The season two premiere episode. A man bursts into flames. Elsewhere, Carter and Deacon are reaccustoming to the timeline restored in "Once in a Lifetime."

All discussion for this episode should be done in the comment section of this post.

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[info]forcryinoutloud: Introduction

Welcome to [info]marshal_science!

This is a slash community for the pairing of Jack Carter and Nathan Stark from the SciFi Channel's EUREKA. All fanfic, fanart, discussion centered on Jack/Nathan are welcome here.

Multiple pairing fic is allowed, however Jack/Nathan must be the focus of your story, all other pairings must be background, incidental, or simply a stop on the way to Jack/Nathan.

All stories are expected to be labeled properly. No surprise pairings. If you have a pairing, or are hinting at a pairing, that must be included in your header. If you're writing something that may squick someone else, you need to include a warning. Check the user profile of the comm for a list of warnings that, if included in your story, MUST be warned for in your header. We don't all share the same kinks, so please be considerate and make sure your headers are as complete as possible.

There will be no flaming or bashing of any kind here. That means no flaming/bashing each other, and no flaming/bashing the actors or characters on Eureka. This is a Jack/Nathan community but we expect you to respect ALL of the characters/actors from the show, not just Jack (Colin)/Nathan (Ed).

The community is being modding by myself dragonbetween and laytoncolt. If you have any problems/concerns/comments/suggtions about the community or someone in it, please contact us. If you are having a disagreement with someone on the comm please do NOT air your disagreement on this comm, take it to your email or if absolutely necessary contact one of us to step in and mediate any disputes that cannot be resolved peacefully between all parties.

As I believe we are all capable of acting like mature, responsible adults, this community will be mostly self-moderated, meaning you're expected to moderate yourselves. If it is necessary we will step in when someone is doing/saying/posting something they shouldn't, however we are hoping that that won't be necessary.

I will create a post for each episode that has aired in season two, and each subsequent episode to come, and you will be free to discuss anything concerning that episode in the comments of that post. Please remember that not everyone has seen the new episodes yet so anything concerning season two should be placed behind an LJ cut and clearly marked a spoiler so you do not spoil anyone that does not wish to be spoiled.

The community has a list of tags available to choose from, fanfic, fanart, icons, fanvids, spoilers, episode discussions (as well as a few others), please use them where appropriate. Community members are not able to create new tags, however if you feel that we are missing an important tag feel free to contact us and if we feel it should be included in our tags list, we will add it.

We're both looking forward to seeing what this community can come up with to celebrate the hotness of Jack/Nathan, the snarkiest pairing in Eureka. *grins* Our hope is that this new community will bring exposure to this wonderful pairing and that we will grow and flourish together, exposing the wonder of Eureka to those poor unfortunate souls who have yet to succumb to its awesomenss! *grins*