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July 9th, 2008

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July 9th, 2008

A Midsummernight's Dream

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Who: Hans ot Gretchen, Michel, anyone else at the theater
Where: The Théâtre de Benoit
When: July 9th, evening performance

Hans dressed formally for the occasion, impeccably well in his best suit and tie. Only his distinctly Aryan features and the fact that his clothing was in good repair (unlike many of the French who could no longer afford upkeep on their garments) distinguished him from the crowd. He lead his sister, lovely in her gown and done-up hair - but so grown up! - in through the lobby. He could not believe how adult she looked, how very much now like their mother. He was proud to have her on his arm as they walked in - and also glad that it would likely keep any admirers at bay. He wondered how he would deal with such things when she did wish to date - what boy could be good enough for Gretchen? For that matter, perhaps she already had a boyfriend and chose not to inform him. He wouldn't blame her, the way he'd been acting lately...

His fight with Benoit the other day was inexcusable. Hans, as an officer and a gentleman, should have known to hold his tongue. Though they'd made up afterward and parted as friends, he was still a bit edgy about the experience and hoped that Benoit would not bring the matter up in front of Gretchen.

"Let us find our seats," Hans said to his sister, making his way towards the interior.
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