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July 10th, 2008

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C'est La Vie - an Occupied France 1941 RPG
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July 10th, 2008

Take Me Away

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Who: Anyone
What: Anything
Where: An open air cafe
When: Current
Status: Incomplete

Fancy smiled at the gentleman across from her as he stood and moved over so as to be able to lean down and kiss her cheek. He also took her hand, that was where the money was exchanged. And a good deal of it two. Two girls for an entire evening, herself included, the opera, dinner, drinks, the hotel bill, pay for the girls fare back the next morning, the tab for this little meeting to arrange things; it was a lot of money, even for him. But for a man wanting to schmooze an out of town investor Fancy's services were more than worth the expense. She'd built and kept her business through her reputation, which was very good indeed. He said his goodbyes and was off. Fancy stayed behind and lingered over her drink. She had no other pressing engagements in town today. 

Off to the party

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Who: Michel OT Hans
When: July 10, roughly 5:00pm
Where: Outside the Théâtre de Benoit, on the road
What: Hans picks Michel up for the dinner party

Michel stood outside the theater, leaning up against the doors while he waited for Varner to show up. He didn't know what type of dinner party this was, how formal he needed to dress, so he played it safe with a favorite black suit, crisply ironed by Adélaïde. The single-button jacket was cut a tad long, and the pants mildly loose to allow movement. He disliked wearing ties, preferring to allow one shirt button to be open, but he wore one; he'd allowed Adélaïde that much. She had selected a solid deep wine colored one.

He glanced at his watch - it was nearly 5:00pm. Hans should arrive any moment. Michel briefly wondered what type of car he'd be driving when he heard a loud rumbling noise coming from around the corner to his right.
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