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April 6th, 2008

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April 6th, 2008

Home sweet home...

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Who: Viveka and Adi
When: dinner time April 06, 1941
Where: their home
Summary: Getting settled in their new place

Viveka could hardly believe their good fortune. Not only had Adi been assigned to Paris, which got them out of Germany, but he'd been alloted a small home. The place had quite a bit of exterior damage from the invasion, and it hadn't been lived in for quite some time so it was dusty and in some disrepair - but it felt like a palace to her. She tried not to think too hard about who the previous occupants had been - why they had left behind everything from couches to dishes. That they didn't have to try and find so many things was another stroke of luck. Though Adi's ration card was good, she worried every time she had to use her own. If they checked the records too carefully, someone might find a discrepancy - that the card on file lacked some bit of crucial information. The papers had been carefully done, and Adi had paid quite a tidy sum for the silence of those who had created them - but still. She worried.

She tried to keep that worry from clouding her thoughts as she prepared dinner for her husband who was due home from work any moment now. Adi was what made all this bearable- and Adi had so many burdens to bear already. She didn't want to upset him. When she heard the door, she smiled and called warmly "Welcome home, love..."
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