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User: [info]la_vie_ooc (posted by [info]wolfwork)
Date: 2008-04-04 16:26
Subject: :D
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Well! I figured I should introduce m'self for those of you who are new. I am Sarah, or Ozy, and I play Friedrich, this human-eating wolfboy here. :D He does bite, but only when ordered to or made very mad, so he's mostly safe to scene with. Hee.

For those of you who I know: I am retconning all of the old-game threads for my own personal gratification. From here on out, all meetings and whatnot will be like his first - again, just so I can say all nice and sane. Basically I am hitting the reboot switch on Richi here except for Live is Life.

Look forward to scening with you new people and others! <3

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