Mar. 26th, 2023


Ravioli with Snap Peas & Mushrooms

Happy Sunday! It's a great day!

Well, it's sort of is for me at least. I finally got rid of that recliner I bought by paying someone to take it to Walmart. I couldn't get a box to ship it! I even asked them if they had one and they said no, just put it in any size box you have. Like I keep big boxes like that around? Sheesh.

I then turned around and ordered me a new one from Wayfair! It'll get here tomorrow and I paid extra to have them put it together for me. That way if it doesn't work they can put it back in the box for me. But this one is built for people up to 500 pounds so it should fit my fat ass. It's vegan leather so I'm hoping it'll be comfy.

I think vegan leather is just the new way to say fake leather. LOL! It does sound a bit posher, doesn't it?

So I'm hoping this recliner will do the job. I hope I don't have to move my desk or anything to make room for it, I have so much stuff on my desk it isn't even funny. My candles, statues, cards, the moon light I bought, I'd have to move so much. We'll see.

I go to the neurologist this Friday. I don't like going on Fridays and I really don't like going late in the day and it's at 2:30. Urgh. Messing up prime napping time. But I need to know if I have something serious starting so away I go. Blah.

A Spring recipe today! I hope y'all like it, it looks yummy! Ravioli with Snap Peas & Mushrooms. Enjoy!

Ravioli with Snap Peas & Mushrooms )

Mar. 19th, 2023


Spring Lime Tea Cookies

Happy Sunday! And for tomorrow, Blessed Ostara to all who celebrate it!

We made it through another winter, folks. Okay so it's going to be cold tomorrow, still, winter is over and Spring is here! Yay!

My recliner is a disappointment. It doesn't stay reclined. The foot part goes up but doesn't stay up. I've been trying to call the manufacturer to get them to fix it or switch it out or something but they never answer their phone! I'm gonna have to get mean tomorrow and I suck at doing that. I'm not good at confrontations.

The throw I bought to cover me while sitting in my chair came in and is beautiful, so that's nice. It's grey so it'll match anything. I'm hoping to find a chair that'll fit me on Wayfair. We'll see.

My doctor's visits went well. My hand shakes badly sometimes so I've got to go to a neurologist to see if it's a side effect of any of my meds or something else. I pray to Goddess it's not something bad, like Parkinson's. We'll see.

I've got an interesting-looking cookie for Springtime today! Spring Lime Tea Cookies. Hope you like it!

Spring Lime Tea Cookies )

Mar. 18th, 2023


Fibro flare *whee*

Why do these things hit on weekends when I need to get things done? I woke up needing a nap and feeling like I lost a fight with a herd of water buffalo.

On the upside the local shop had Reeses Easter Eggs so I have empty calories to console me in my time of need.

Also, look at me posting twice in the same year like a semi-functual adult!

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