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30th June 2014

hush1:40pm: Hi! I'm looking for one worded usernames on lj or any interesting usernames, early adopter accounts and accounts created around 2002-2004. If anyone has ljs they don't use, please reply to my post. I've been wanting a one worded username on lj for a long time. Thanks!

25th June 2014

hush4:56pm: Journal Trade
Hi! Does anyone have one worded usernames on ij and lj? I'm willing to do a trade. I have some good one worded username on both deadjournal and Comment below with your usernames. I'm not going to list one worded usernames here, only through private message please.


Deadjournal I want to give away:

22nd June 2014

hush9:54pm: Hello everyone! I'm curious. When did InsaneJournal require invite codes? Back in the days, you can just create an account. It's weird to see IJ on an invite only basis.

25th March 2014

moonduchess12:08am: New Maintainer!
Hello everyone I'm your new maintainer! Squeaky granted me ownership. I'll be attempting to revitalize this community. No past content will be deleted.
If anything this will become a place to reminisce about journal collecting/hoarding, past sites etc.

For you lurkers here are some codes to create journals.


codes xposted to [info]codeshare

28th December 2010

rabidrat1:17pm: Inksome update
Inksome updated on their money situation earlier this month:
Sadly it looks like it'll be shutting down by April:(
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30th November 2010

kittylune12:52pm: Update on the status of the Journal World.
Hello, [info]ironhide here under a new username (but old journal) and am updating the journal site lists with modifications to the ones that are alive and such.

Alive and well (functionality and account creation methods not included):

Dead and buried: (was hijacked by a Russian entity)

Other blogging/journal sites I've discovered on a search through Google or other means:
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2nd October 2010

rabidrat9:00pm: State of affairs?
So Caleida seems to be gone, Vox is dying dead, and lovely little Inksome is having money trouble. Have any other sites gone under? ...and is there any new ones popping up on the horizon?
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12th March 2010

sexualnapalm5:46pm: New Member
Just wanted to post an introduction and say hi. I'm J. I'm an as yet unpublished author of fiction. I'm currently working on a novel adapted from a screenplay a friend of mine wrote, which is a sort of coming of age thriller. After I've finished this I have four more novels in the works, one biography, one paranormal thriller and two vampire romance novels.

I also read a TON of books from all genres such as the Demonica Series, to the Dark Series, to the book I'm reading now called the People of the Book.

I am currently writing a blog as well, the link for which you can find on my user info page and which has an RSS feed on my friends page. I am ALWAYS looking for new books to review there as well as topics to discuss, so any recommendations you have are seriously welcome!

I hope to meet and discuss the wonderful world of writing with many of you!


7th March 2010

ironhide4:48pm: Reposting the list.
This list was originally posted to [info]tradingspaces but I figured people here would like to have a gander at it too.

Alive and well (functionality and account creation methods not included):

In Limbo:

Dead and buried:

Don't hesitate to add to it if you feel I've forgotten something. :)
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5th March 2010

eternal_tigress8:04pm: Updated list
So I now have an updated list of journals that I've added to my ever-growing collection despite my promises to myself that I would cool it with the blog creations for a while. Here are my active blogs:

Live Journal
Insane Journal
Dead Journal
Open Diary
Word Press

I did have a Tumblr account, but I don't know if I want to make another one or not. It's sorely tempting, though.

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28th February 2010

hush8:54pm: Why are so many lj clone sites shut down?
This is a dumb question but how come lj clone sites are unreliable? Like why do many of them get shut down? I had some lj clone sites in the past that got shut down, to name a few.

My favorite was Why are there so many lj clone sites and why do they close their sites? I always liked insanejournal.
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3rd February 2010

eternalbleeding4:53pm: SceneJournal.Net
So what's up this new site Anyone have an account.

30th January 2010

venustas12:36am: Does anyone have an update list of all the LJ clone sites. I'm a bit out of the loop. Last time I was around LostJournal was just starting.

2nd January 2010

eternal_tigress9:40pm: Just out of curiosity...
...would anyone happen to have spare invite codes to DeadJournal? The more I look at the site, the more I want an account there.
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28th December 2009

dee_groovy10:24am: Dreamwidth codes
I have 5 Dreamwidth Codes up for grabs if anyone would like them :)

28th April 2009

rabidrat10:04pm: dreamwidth
So I've been lurking a bit around without an account and I must say I'm impressed.Ad free, sleek and apparently with active users (though that might be cause it's new and shiny). Does anyone here have an account there? How are things on the inside?
(and if someone would be able to spare me an invite code I'd be forever grateful;))
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8th January 2009

moonduchess1:53pm: So GJ finally kicked the buck. What's everyone's thoughts?

Also, I have multiple invites for LostJournal, DeadJournal, and Inksome. Comment with your email and which site you would like and I'll send the email out asap. =]
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13th June 2008

moonduchess5:46am: 13 LostJournal invites
I have 13 LoJo Invites

Never had a LoJo

One LoJo invite per email address.

You have one week to use the code.

Comments are screened so need to worry about the entire internet knowing your email. =]
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19th May 2008

moonduchess11:01pm: For those looking to sign up JournalFen has turned on account creation.
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4th May 2008

kittylune1:15pm: Inksome invites
If anyone wants, I can send them an invite for Inksome (formerly known as Scribblit). I can invite anyone and everyone as long as they have a working email address. :D

Leave your email with a nickname and I'll have the invite out as soon as possible. :) Comments are screened.
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greenwitch1:11pm: Wordpress
Out of curiosity, any other Wordpress bloggers out there (self-hosted, or otherwise?)

If there are, how do your posting patterns differ from IJ and the other LJ-clones?

22nd April 2008

moonduchess4:27pm: Another batch of questions
So I'm bit of an oldie when it comes to IJ. I've had to accounts since IJ first opened its doors one back in 2004 and this one. Seeing as how InsaneJournal is growing what changes would you like to seen made? Kept the same? Why did you first joined IJ? Do you take offense to IJ site theme like some of the newer members?
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17th April 2008

piscesgirl10:49am: LiveJourbal
Just thought I'd say, I reckon that LiveJourbal has gone. I haven't been able to get to it for a while now, it's just not there. And I noticed that the domain is due to be renewed next month, so I'd guess it won't be coming back. Ah well, it's not as if I had anything important there.

Also, aboutmylife is still not back up, despite the site owner saying that it would be launched on such-a-such a date. The folks on the forum there seem to be hopefull still, but I doubt it's ever coming back. *sigh* It seems to be a bad time for LJ clones.

19th March 2008

moonduchess12:16am: They say that change is suppose to be for the better but is it?
How do all of you feel about SUP's boo-boo decision on removing the option to create ad-free basic accounts? Where do you think LiveJournal's future lays? Where do YOU think you blogging future lays? Are you going to continue using LJ, move on to another LJ-clone site, or try something completely diffferent?

Crossposted to several other places, so I apologize if you see this 50 million times.
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25th February 2008

moonduchess6:36pm: To pay or not to pay that is the question.
It's me again. I have another question for those of you that are still here after the purge.

My friend has a birthday coming up in March and as a gift to her I wanted to purchase her a paid account. She blogs here at Insane, LJ, and she recently started up at Scribbld.

I'm at a bit of a lost for which site to get her paid time for. So far IJ looks this most appealing. Going permanent for $40 isn't bad compared to what others charge/d. Since the sale is going to end before her birthday it would mean I'd have to buy it now.

Any feed back on which site I should get paid time for? =D

For a little background info, she cross post a lot and is a total icon whore.
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