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September 4th, 2010

10:42 am - Challenge 6 ~ VOTING
We have a couple of ties that need to be broken. Vote for your favorite icon in each set.

Poll #5588
Open to: All, results viewable to: None

Part 1 ~ Screen Caps~Tie Breaker

13 (65.0%)

7 (35.0%)

Poll #5589
Open to: All, results viewable to: None

Part 3 ~ Special~Tie Breaker

6 (31.6%)

13 (68.4%)

Voting is open until 6 PM Sunday.

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August 28th, 2010

08:44 am - Challenge 6 ~ VOTING
I was worried we wouldn't have enough entries for voting, but thanks to a couple of last minute entries we're going ahead with voting today. Nice job everyone!

Voting )

Voting stays open for a week. Good luck everyone!

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August 7th, 2010

10:07 am - Challenge 5 ~ TIE BREAKER
We have a tie for the current challenge. Please choose your favorite of these two icons.

Poll #5492
Open to: All, results viewable to: None

Choose your favorite icon of these two:

14 (82.4%)

3 (17.6%)

Voting is open until 6 PM tomorrow.

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July 31st, 2010

10:10 am - Challenge 5 ~ VOTING
Hello, time to vote again!

Vote! )

A big thank you to all of our artists!

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July 3rd, 2010

10:23 am - Challenge 4 ~ VOTING
Time to vote!

Thanks to everyone for the submissions. We have a nice variety to choose from!


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June 5th, 2010

10:27 am - Challenge 3 ~ VOTING
Here we go gang, time to vote for icons!

Thanks to all of our artists for their contributions. Awesome job as usual! Also, thanks for adhering to the new rule and keeping the file names short. You've saved me an enormous amount of time!

Vote! )

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May 8th, 2010

11:51 am - Challenge 2 ~ VOTING
Once again a big thank you to our graphic artists for their participation. You stepped up to the challenge and as a result we have a nice selection of icons to choose from for this challenge!

Vote Here! )

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April 10th, 2010

10:57 am - Challenge 1 ~ Voting
Here we go gang, our first round of voting! Can you feel the excitement?

Before we take a look at the icons I just want to say how pleasantly surprised I was by the number of icons I received, a total of 35! You ladies did a great job and I hope everyone continues to participate in the coming challenges.

Voting rules:
1) Don't ask other people to vote for you.
2) Icon makers can vote but you cannot vote for yourself. If anyone votes for themselves that vote will not be counted.
3) Pick your top three favorite icons for each part of the challenge. If you vote for more than three I'll have to disregard your votes.

Voting )

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