Fri, Apr. 19th, 2013, 08:43 am
[info]atdelphi: FIC: "Coping" for snapesgirl

Recipient: snapesgirl
Author: ???
Title: Coping
Rating: PG
Pairings: Rabastan Lestrange/Regulus Black
Word Count: 1,210
Warnings: *Implied canonical character death*.
Summary: Everyone copes with the war in their own way, but Regulus doesn’t seem to be coping at all. Rabastan doesn’t know what to do except for love him; whether it will be enough is a different matter altogether.
Author's Notes: I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a paring with Severus – it just refused to be written :/ So I genuinely hope you enjoy some Regulus instead.

Coping )

Wed, May. 9th, 2012, 01:25 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: ART: "False Reluctance" for gamma_orionis

Recipient: gamma_orionis
Artist: [info]carrot / [info]vikingcarrot
Title: False Reluctance
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Rabastan/Andromeda
Warnings/Content Information (Highlight to View): *Dub-con, light bondage*.
Artist's Notes: While poking around your journal I discovered that you enjoy this pairing and Andromeda in general, so I rolled with it, having never drawn Andromeda before. I hope you like it. :)

False Reluctance )

Mon, Apr. 23rd, 2012, 02:20 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: FIC: "Worse than Death" for scarletladyy

Recipient: [info]scarletladyy
Author: ???
Title: Worse than Death
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Petunia Dursley/Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley/Rabastan Lestrange
Word Count: 3,500
Warnings/Content Information (Highlight to View): *Rape, violence, public sex, humiliation, character death*.
Summary: Petunia didn't know about the war, and that made things all the more difficult.
Author's Notes: Many thanks to my beta. I hope you enjoy this, [info]scarletladyy… I did my best to write something compliant with your "likes" *g*

Worse than Death )

Thu, May. 5th, 2011, 01:24 pm
[info]beholder_mod: FIC: "Inauspicious" for janus

Recipient: [info]janus
Author: [info]luciusmistress
Title: Inauspicious
Rating: PG
Pairings: heavily implied Regulus/Rabastan
Word Count: ~1500
Warnings/Content Information (Highlight to View): *None.*.
Summary: The Death Eaters celebrate the last Halloween before things start to go wrong.
Author's Notes: [info]janus, I'm very sorry I didn't manage a particularly happy ending. I guess I just don't have it in me. But to compensate, there's a kitten! :) A huge thank you to my betas! silent_cassia, thank you for taking me on on such a short notice! diabolica and ultrasonicbob, I really don't know where I would be without you guys! <3

Inauspicious )

Mon, May. 10th, 2010, 02:28 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: FIC: "Loyalty" for magnetic_pole

Recipient: [info]magnetic_pole
Author/Artist: [info]alwaysasnapefan
Title: Loyalty
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Rabastan Lestrange/Regulus Black
Word Count: 4,191
Warnings: None
Summary: Regulus discovers that no family is perfect.
Author's Notes: Per Rabastan's house at Hogwarts, my research found that only Bellatrix and Rodolphus were confirmed as Slytherins.

Loyalty )

Fri, May. 7th, 2010, 01:25 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: FIC: "Triptych: Duty, Dream, and Desire" for janus

Recipient: [info]janus
Author/Artist: [info]leela_cat
Title: Triptych: Duty, Dream, and Desire
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Rabastan Lestrange/Severus Snape
Word Count: ~3,200
Warnings: None
Summary: Duty takes Rabastan Lestrange down a path towards darkness, but it cannot steal away his dreams or his desires.
Author's/Artist's Notes: Thank you to my lovely betas, [info]angela_snape and [info]eeyore9990. [info]janus, thank you for the wonderful prompt and the challenge it set. I hope you have as much fun reading about these characters as I did writing them.

Triptych: Duty, Dream, and Desire )

Wed, Apr. 28th, 2010, 01:32 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: FIC: "Washed Clean" for arcadian_dream

Recipient: arcadian_dream
Author: [info]janus
Title: Washed Clean
Rating: M
Pairings: Rodolphus/Rabastan
Word Count: 3941
Warnings: Nudity, Incestuous pairing
Summary: The Lestrange brothers are freed from prison and taken to Malfoy Manor, where they begin to come to themselves in the bath.
Author's/Artist's Notes: I am very grateful for my kind and wonderful beta, slytherinlaurel, so thorough and thoughtful, working on this for me through busy and happy times.

Washed Clean )

Wed, Apr. 21st, 2010, 01:20 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: ART: "In the Rain" for sweet_lemmon

Recipient: [info]sweet_lemmon
Artist: [info]thilia
Title: In the Rain
Rating: R
Pairings: Rabastan/Luna
Warnings: Cross-gen, nudity
Artist's Notes: You gave me so many things to work with that it was hard to start because I couldn't decide on a pairing. In the end I went with Rabastan/Luna, and hope you like that combination :)

In the Rain )

Thu, May. 7th, 2009, 12:07 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: FIC: "Tangled Webs" for r_grayjoy

Recipient: [info]r_grayjoy
Author/Artist: [info]snapesgirl
Title: Tangled Webs
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Poppy Pomfrey/Rabastan Lestrange; Rabastan/Evan Rosier, implied Rabastan/Severus, Rabastan/Rodolphus.
Word Count: 7728
Warnings: m/m, anal intercourse, voyeurism, Lestrangecest
Summary: Rabastan Lestrange must marry to satisfy his family obligations. Rab decides to be old fashioned with his courting and learns a few things about friendship.
Author's/Artist's Notes: You asked for some unusual/surprising characterizations for Rabastan Lestrange. And for first times (of all varieties), romance-not-schmoop, unlikely pairings and relationships, hurt/comfort, humor, snark, powerful women. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.
Disclaimer: HP is owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc.

Tangled Webs )

Fri, Apr. 24th, 2009, 12:02 pm
[info]bethbethbeth: FIC: "Persuasion" for ria_awesome

Recipient: [info]arcadian_dream
Author: [info]lee_west / [info]westwardlee
Title: Persuasion
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Barty Crouch Jr./Rabastan Lestrange
Word Count: ~3,300
Warnings: Dark, with torture. There are wee kisses between young boys, but nothing explicit until they are eighteen and older.
Summary: Barty Sr. had high expectations for his only son, a boy with extraordinary intellect and high morals: a career in the Ministry, a happy marriage to a nice witch, a few children with the same rectitude and intelligence. Fate had other plans.
Author's Notes: Many thanks to my beta. [info]arcadian_dream, thanks for listing the two boys; I've always been intrigued about Barty Jr.'s motives in joining the Death Eaters, and I really enjoyed writing this tale.

Persuasion )

Wed, May. 7th, 2008, 03:18 pm
[info]beholder_mod: FIC: 'And They Danced by the Light of the Moon' for stonegrad

Recipient: [info]stonegrad
Author: [info]eeyore9990
Title: And They Danced by the Light of the Moon
Rating: Hard R?
Pairings: Rabastan/Rodolphus
Word Count: ~3150
Warnings: Bloodplay, knifeplay, dub-con, voyeurism, exhibitionism
Summary: Straying from the Dark Lord's path can carry serious consequences.
Author's Notes: Stonegrad, I really hope this is what you were looking for. I enjoyed your request as it allowed me the freedom to play and revel in the darkness. I must give huge thanks to my beta (to be named later) for keeping me on track and not letting me include wild flights of incoherent fancy.

And They Danced by the Light of the Moon )

Sun, Apr. 20th, 2008, 04:39 pm
[info]beholder_mod: FIC: 'All the Ways We See' for leianora

Recipient: [info]leianora
Author: [info]edgewise
Title: All the Ways We See
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Severus Snape/Rabastan Lestrange
Word Count: ~3000
Disclaimer: Credit for the characters resides with Ms Rowling.
Warnings: Not as much plot as I may have liked.
Summary: Used to the direction of his father, Rabastan receives a new assignment from the Dark Lord, in which he learns to apply his talent of looking closely at things in a new arena
Author's Notes: My thanks to all who helped me with this story, to the moderator for running the exchange, and to Leianora for the inspiration. I hope you enjoy.

All the Ways We See )

Mon, Apr. 14th, 2008, 03:33 pm
[info]beholder_mod: FIC: 'Clockwork and Cold Steel' for seahorses

Recipient: [info]seahorses
Author: [info]stonegrad
Title: Clockwork and Cold Steel
Rating: R
Pairings: Rabastan/Harry, heavily implied Lestrangecest
Word Count: 1,650
Warnings: implied incest
Summary: He is a man of addictions, but this. this is more like a disease.
Author's Notes: A combination of all sorts of weirdness (and Rod wasn't supposed to be part of this, but he refused to go away). Thanks to A for the beta, and K for managing to convince me that Rabastan doesn't need a dagger to be pretty, and that I really do love him anyway. Quote at the start is from Dante's Inferno.

Clockwork and Cold Steel )

Thu, Apr. 10th, 2008, 06:04 pm
[info]beholder_mod: FIC: 'Minotauros' for spidermoth

Recipient: [info]spidermoth
Author: [info]snapelike
Title: Minotauros
Rating: R for violence
Pairings: Rabastan Lestrange/Gregory Goyle
Word Count: 7,500
Warnings: Violence, torture, rape (not between pairing)
Summary: Being sentenced to life in Azkaban should be punishment enough for almost any crime. But as it is, prison power games make sure any sentence is topped with a little extra that makes things even more unbearable. There is only one way to get though: fight and win, or lose and despair. Azkaban is not for the weak, Gregory Goyle already knows that when he finds Rabastan Lestrange abused and violated by his fellow prisoners.
Author's Notes: Since this is about getting the un-loved characters some loving, I chose two of the most unlikely ones and tried to come up with a story that would let them be together with at least some kind of proper reason for such a strange pair. I hope I managed. Thanks to my lovely beta, X.

Minotauros )